M.I.A. Readies Album for December


M.I.A. has plenty of gifts in store for her fans this Christmas. The “Bad Girls” rapper is planning to release a new album, book, and documentary in December.

“MIA > BOOK, LP, DOCUMENTARY, AND ART EXHIBITION IN DEC !” she announced via Twitter.

In March, it was revealed that M.I.A. was working on an autobiographical monograph documenting her career and style. The self-titled book, containing 300 images and several unpublished testimonies, will be published by Rizzoli New York.

M.I.A. signed a management deal with Jay-Z’s Roc Nation earlier this year and has been readying her fourth LP Matangi, the follow-up to 2010’s /\/\/\Y/\.

She doesn’t know how many tracks will make the album, but don’t expect any big-name collaborations. When asked by one fan if she would work with Lady Gaga or Nicki Minaj, she responded, “no collabs ! maybe its based on what they stand for. nobody can cross it, only that know can cross it,” adding, “no one in the industry collected blows in the last 3 years as much as me , this is a fuck you to them and a thank you to you.”

She’s been in the studio cooking up a mix of flavors, describing it as “sweet and sour bitter and salt and HOT!”

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  1. Young Pereezy YMCMB-MMG

    Bitchhh, gooooo away and never comeback nobody cares about you.


    O.P.P.A. Reply:

    @Young Pereezy YMCMB-MMG,
    Um, I care about this album, which will shit on everything recently released by Nicki or Wayne, which isn’t that hard to accomplish tbh. And she’s nominated for VMA video of the year. You tried.


    :) Reply:

    @O.P.P.A., It’ll be a great M.I.A. album, as usual.


  2. trillafood

    A real true artist.


  3. :)

    Yes! My birthday’s in December. This’ll be a good buy!


  4. letmeloveu

    another annoyin ear bleeding album!! go away ehm ai eyy!!


    lol Reply:

    @letmeloveu, oh have you heard it?


    letmeloveu Reply:

    @lol, dont need 2 if u know her whack albums before!


  5. king AB and C

    She is a cool bitch and very sexy.. But what is up with thw bleached face and dark hands??


  6. TheDreamer

    Can’t wait. It’s a good to release at the same time, as you can promote everything together.


  7. Iki Hav

    Real art. Real music. Period


  8. Kliyah Gearz01

    Can’t wiat


  9. 4lyfe

    she ll slay it 4 re


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