New Music: Honey Cocaine – ‘Young Dreamer’

Honey Cocaine

A month after the release of her 90’s Gold mixtape, Honey Cocaine keeps her dreams alive on the inspirational “Young Dreamer.” “I was broke feeling like the world hates my dreams/ A dollar and my destiny is all I got,” raps the Toronto native, who is signed to Tyga’s Last Kings label. Witness her struggle and grind as a young artist on the come up.


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  1. JAH

    its ok


  2. B-Aby

    She sounds like the female version of TYGA but she got her own style and that’s why i love her so much!


  3. thaiden

    Honey cocaine. My fav.she do it.


  4. thaiden

    This girl is amazing. U Not gna find too many female Asian rappers if any. She on some pioneer stuff. Go honey cocain!


  5. Quetta

    Great lyrics but I’m not feeling the beat


    tee Reply:

    @Quetta, i agree i like the song doe


  6. VMili

    i love her style and music :) she’s cool


  7. TheyKnow

    First time listening to her, i agree she does sound like a female Tyga haha. I’ll look into her other stuff hmmm


  8. LastQueenTunechi

    Love Honey Cocaine


  9. GymnastGirl

    I this song. It really speaks out to me. I love Honey Cocaine ,and not just because of her music but because she can relate to other teens because she is one.She understands how we feel, and what we’re going through and I respect her for that. Keep up the good work Honey Cocaine!!;)


  10. Kliynnah G

    Nice song and she sound like the female version of tyga


  11. raevintherapper

    I love Honey Cocaine and this inspired me to not quit my dreams of rapping (:


  12. raevintherapper

    I love Honey Cocaine


  13. Beezy Peinon

    If you need beats check out
    17 year old virgin island producer !!!!


  14. cl

    I know better female rapper is Cl of 2ne1 !!! She is. . . . WOW


  15. Mixtape lover

    The lyrics were hot af . But the beat . It has to go .


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