Nicki Minaj Holds Court with Tyga and Sean Kingston at L.A. Show [Video]

Nicki Minaj won over the West Coast when her “Pink Friday” tour made its way to the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles last night. The leader of the Barbz admitted to almost canceling after she woke up and discovered that her voice was gone, but thanks to all the love from her fans, she was miraculously able to get it back in time.

Following a set from opener 2 Chainz, her Minajesty held court with some surprise guests. Sean Kingston, who she praised as one of the most humble and kind artists, joined her for “Letting Go (Dutty Love).” Her Young Money labelmate Tyga also hit the stage for “Roger That,” “Faded,” and “BedRock,” for which she brought fans of all ages and races onstage. Before closing with “Super Bass,” Nicki shouted out her CAA agents, lawyer, Tichina Arnold, Cedric the Entertainer, and Jeremy Scott, who were all in the house.

Check out some HD footage from Nicki’s pink party.

  • Antonio

    This Hair >>>

  • Antonio

    This Hair >>>

    • MinajRules2012

      @Antonio, O bitch PLEASE!!! Dont you EVEN!!!!! The Queen is looking Fab!!! You will DEAL!!!! That is all…Bye boy!

      • HUH

        @MinajRules2012, the cracker in back trying to act black, gurl i can’t lmao

      • Tbozfan10

        @MinajRules2012, He was saying this hair looks best on her. You misunderstood his comment.

      • Kitty

        @MinajRules2012, You totally missunderstood that comment…

  • xoxo

    Her Minajesty & The Barbz

  • Alex

    She must’ve gotten some new shots her ass and thighs got bigger. I wish she’d stop. I loved her when she was flat chested, with a pancake booty. I’m glad she wore the black wig tho. It’s nostalgic.

    • Sam

      @Alex, Um no try again she wears that particular outfit and it makes her lower body look bigger you obviously haven’t seen her in awhile plus she got that skirt on you cant really tell

      • Miles

        @Sam, She definitely did admit to getting a** shots before but ok…..

        • Sam

          @Miles, lol I never said she didn’t get any Im saying she didn’t get a re-up and I have never heard her say my butt is fake she said idk man guess them a$$ shots wore off that has to be the closes thing

        • Queens

          @Miles, You have NEVER heard her say my butt is fake so hush

          • Dro

            @Queens, She said it on the Dance (A$$) Remix “Kiss my ass & my anus/Cuz it’s Finally Famous/And it’s finally soft/Yeah it’s FINALLY soft!/ I don’t know man, I guess them ass shots wore off”

            So in a tongue in cheek way she did admit to having ass shots.

    • TJ

      @Alex, Her ass is the same size as it was last week & the week b4 & she’s never been flat chested…

  • Shaytan

    So after she abandoned her Urban audience and PF tanked Now she wants to be hood again? Are you people really buying this gimmick?

    • AllAmerykhanBoy

      @Shaytan, She Never Left She Expanded Her Horizon’s and Brand and You Will Deal.

      • TJ

        @AllAmerykhanBoy, Exactly!

    • IV.

      @Shaytan, How did she abandon her urban audience when she released 4 urban songs and only 2 pop songs?

      Sit your hating ass down.

    • Queens

      @Shaytan, What a dummy you are I want even go into facts smh

  • wn

    should have been muthafucka up

    • Young Pereezy YMCMB-MMG

      @wn, Hell Yeah, The Best Nicki’s Collaboration of the year, so far

  • Sharp Tongue

    I love that she is doing the black hair again. Now I’m a huge fan of miss Nicki Minaj, but that “butt” OMG she’s has a small frame with all of that ass NO Bueno.

  • RG2

    I’m lovin how she brought back her original black wig with the pig tips in the front. NOW THAT WAS NICKI”S HAIR STYLE BEFORE DHE BLEW UP. I LOVE IT.

  • Queens

    Why are y’all happy about her hair she been wearing the black bob on tour!!!

    • Kliyah Gearz01

      @Queens, True that damn Right about that

    • Lul’MissRed

      @Queens, But Thats Not A Bob… Do You See A CUTT ? No I’ll Wait.

  • Kliyah Gearz01

    nice performance with Sean K & tyga IT doesn’t matter what color hair Nicki Minja Wear just Shut up about the damn Hair or her Ass and her Outfit.



  • halle


  • Jonathan

    *bows in The Queens Presence*

  • TheDreamer

    I love that she changed her hair back to black.

  • Kliyannah Buleer