Rita Ora Covers One Direction’s ‘What Makes You Beautiful’

Rita Ora

With only a couple weeks to go until her debut album ORA drops, Rita Ora paid a visit to BBC Radio 1 “Live Lounge.” The Roc Nation bombshell performed an acoustic set that included her single “How We Do (Party)” and a cover of One Direction’s “What Makes You Beautiful.” Hear Rita put her own spin on the boy band’s big hit.

“What Makes You Beautiful”

“How We Do (Party)”

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  1. mumi

    Rita Whora…


    BEE-HIVE NAVY Reply:

    @mumi, how we do sound better live. wasn’t really feeling the runs tho, sounds breathy.


  2. C1



  3. Kesha

    I honestly don’t see the hype, just another mediocre singer with blonde hair, I’m sorry but we have Rihanna! & the US doesn’t care about u! Have a Seat! Rita Whora


    Tina bb Reply:

    @Kesha, speak for yourself please. I’m american snd I love her. And the rihanna comparisons are old and tired now.
    She sounded amazing. So much raw talent.


    Kliyannah Buleer Reply:

    @Kesha, go get an Edcatuion & Speak for your self not everybody.


    SdotB Reply:

    @Kliyannah Buleer, i’m sorry but i couldn’t help but LOL @ u telling her to get an “Edcatuion” (correction: Education)when you couldn’t even spell it correctly lmao…I know it was probably just a typo, but it still looked funny as hell, smh


    Rihanna Navy Reply:

    @SdotB, lmao that’s the hoodhive being illiterate as usual.


    Augusta01 Reply:

    @Kesha, yo bitch speak for your damn self. and go make my money bitch whora before you get your teeth knock out of your mouth tramp


    dnfl Reply:

    @Kesha, this coming from someone who names her username after someone who can’t sing for shit lolol


  4. Diana Malik

    i like Rita but i love this so much much more when 1D sing it


    Squidneydoodle Reply:

    I personally liked it, accept for a few of the lyrics changing it was pretty good.


  5. nialler1993

    thts nice !


  6. alice

    @Kesha, artists don’t do what they do just to please immature girls such as yourself anyway, and you’re speaking for every single American huh? charming…


  7. alice

    anyway, her song how we do is ok, not amazing but it’s nice and catchy and her voice live is really good, the only thing her and rihanna share are looks and an industry really, their voices are different styles in my opinion.


  8. AJ

    why people hating so much? the chick is young but she can sing. this (her debut) is designed to show her skills as a vocalist and introduce her to the world. very few debut albums from new artists turn into a classic. yes she sounds similar to rihanna but that’s cause roc nation but that’s cause the Roc paid so much for Brianna’s writing camps that inevitably lots of records get wasted and often songwriters ha’ve clauses forcing labels to reallocate songs. that’s what has happened here. if you don’t like her fair enough don’t buy the record but taking piss out of her name is just immature. as are the obscenities.


  9. Vacia

    I love it!♥


  10. Jeana H.

    Tbh I’ve seen way better covers of What Makes You Beautiful, and her song is ok


  11. flysly

    i don’t see all the hype either. i think everyone caught up on the physical. she getting alot of hype bc jayz backing her.


  12. Hi

    A terrible artist covering a terrible song makes news these days. This is the state of music


    Melanie Reply:

    @Hi, will you quit stalking Rita!! Funny how this “terrible” artist has your ass commenting on her and watching her everyday. Get a life.


  13. flawda

    Blogs aren’t nothing but a vessel for low self esteem and bitter females to hate on successful. Keep doing your thing Rita, these Hoexs are just mad that they are stuck at some crappy job and not living out their dreams like you.

    Ya’ll need to chill on the comparisons too, because she is vocally miles ahead of Rihanna.


  14. flawda

    *Blogs are


  15. Yasmine

    She did a great job with the 1D song. Since her album has so many pop songs, it’d have been nice if more of them couldn’t had this chill feel.


  16. Melanie

    Love her, love her music, ready to buy r.i.p next week and Ora in 2 weeks.


  17. Augusta01



  18. khalisha

    I honestly think that her version was way better than one direction . they had no vocals in their song I don’t see the point in them being famous. (honest opinion) .-One love- :)


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