Trey Songz Weighs In on Aaliyah Album, Impersonates Jay-Z

Trey Songz

While the debate over a new Aaliyah album rages on, Drake’s good friend Trey Songz shares his thoughts on the Aaliyah-Drake collaboration “Enough Said,” and who he thinks should produce the posthumous project.

“I think the song is dope,” Trey told WiLD 94.9. “It’s good to hear Aaliyah’s voice. Just the concept of the song was dope and just to hear her singing completely unheard lyrics was amazing to me. I didn’t really judge it from a place like is it good enough, I was just happy to hear it.”

It was announced that Drake and Noah “40” Shebib will executive produce the album, but Trey would like to see Timbaland and Missy Elliott on board as well. “I think it would be dope if Timbaland and Missy did it though,” he continued. “I think that’s the best way to do it, but you don’t know the particulars on what’s going around. You don’t know who owns her music, you don’t know any of that. So I don’t get to talking about stuff I don’t know about.”

Trey, whose album Chapter V drops on August 21, also did his best Jay-Z impression (starting at the 7:55 mark). Check out the hilarious clip below.

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  1. Imani

    He look like stevie j in that picture though


    NICK Reply:


    Dis picture been airbrushed to death!


    Mrs. Tremaine Aldon Neverson Reply:

    @Imani, no he does not.

    Anyway, I have to agree with my boo though on Timbaland and Missy should be on the track. I mean, Hello (In my Hilary Banks’ voice) they were Aaliyah’s friends and her co-workers in the business. They were on her albums after her departure with R. Kelly. If this project does go through and Drake doesn’t put/let/allow Timbaland and Missy on the project then it wouldn’t be the same and I think that Aaliyah would want Timbaland and Missy to be on it.


    thecool Reply:

    @Mrs. Tremaine Aldon Neverson,

    TBH, I dont think Aaliyah would want any of this.


    Don't be so damn Bummie Reply:

    @Imani, you know Damn well he does not Look like no damn Stevbbie J @ all yo Bitch


  2. illerbrown



  3. Kalin

    I agree, Trey.


  4. Issa

    “Enough Said” is fire. But … crabs in a barrel, as always from some people.


    Rasan8250 Reply:

    @Issa, Her part was cool his verse was disappointing. We all have heard him do better on other females songs. He should had done better. You’ll say people hating but, you know I am right.


  5. akaAfrika

    Thats it Trey,Aaliyahs friends deserve to be part of it


    Miriam Reply:

    @akaAfrika, I heard that even not her family is involed with her new album. I hope it´s just a rumor.


  6. VitiNhow

    niceee niggaa .. amanzing : moment Jay hahahah!! :P


  7. Natalie

    Everything Trey said is right.


  8. Young Pereezy YMCMB-MMG

    The New RnB King Trey Songz-Trigga


  9. D Ceezy

    He could have become the king of R&B at the beginning of his career, but now all these potentially great R&B singers are turning to pop music. Thank god for Frank Ocean and The Weeknd, bringing it back!!!


  10. Faze

    next time upload the video on youtube… buffering on that crap is slow as hell


  11. eyfresh

    Well said…


  12. NurturingAngel

    Loved the interview


  13. TheDreamer

    I love the Jay impersonation haha sounded just like him. Trey’s a great guy.


  14. HYFR

    lmfaoooo i could swear that was Jay!


  15. Don't be so damn Bummie

    LOL on the Jay impersonation and I agree with Trey songz. and It’s True the song is Dope.aslo I Think People will have to see who totally doing the Aaliyah ALbum.


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