Rap-Up TV: JoJo Brings Fantasy to Life in ‘Demonstrate’ Video

JoJo escaped into her “personal twisted fantasy” while shooting the sensual video for “Demonstrate,” the Noah “40” Shebib-produced single off her upcoming album. Rap-Up TV was on set as the 21-year-old songstress filmed scenes at a mansion in Beverly Hills for what she calls her sexiest video yet, directed by Jason Beattie (Miguel’s “Adorn”).

“I just wanted to have this video be sexy and powerful, but not be so overt as it could have gone with the lyrics,” explained JoJo, who shared an intimate scene with her hunky male co-star. “As a human being, it just feels awkward because normally it takes you months to get up to that point where you’d be so intimate with someone, but it was fun, it was kind of liberating. It feels like a naughty thing to do.”

JoJo has decided to go in a different direction with her music and has scrapped her Jumping Trains album and returned to the studio to record the project under a new title. “I’m feeling more feminine. I’m just feeling good, so I want to represent that,” she said.

She plans to do more work with 40. “He was on my wish list of people to work with,” said JoJo, who caught the attention of the Canadian producer with her popular remix to Drake’s “Marvin’s Room.”

In addition to 40, she has been in the lab with Da Internz, Beau Dozier, Kadis & Sean, and Steve Franks, but don’t hold her to a release date. “I’m just tired of saying we’re wrapping it up for the last five years,” she joked.

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  1. Ice

    The perfect woman.


    MinajRules20I2 Reply:

    @Ice, Why am I so pathetic? I hate myself and Nicki Minaj! I LOVE Azealia doe! She is soooo pretty and I am sooooo fugly! Hahahahhahahhaha! I like to eat poo poo!


  2. Syaheeran

    Did she just licked that guy’s….. Uh… NVM LOL. SMEXY!


  3. jeremydante

    love, love, love her look in this clip- the updo & cat eye is lookin real right. excited for this album & video.


  4. MissXo

    Go JoJo we cannot wait for the Vid & Album. Real talent Thank You God!!!


  5. TRU

    As long as the album is a masterpiece thats all that matters. It doesnt even matter what producers she works with if there in house or big names because the Timbalands, pharrells, etc dont have that HIT sound anymore. 40 and jojo are a great match musically


    Ice Reply:

    @TRU, I agree


  6. Phoenix Wright

    lmao @ the end


  7. LindzAJde

    I wait as long as it takes i love @jojoistheway. fav part wrapping it up…f it lmao


  8. DW

    Love JoJo!! The direction she is going in is incredible, can’t wait for more


  9. James

    JoJo is so sexy. I can’t wait for this video to come out.


  10. HeavyHeavy

    Always loved JoJo she has huge potential. Cant wait for this era to finally begin


  11. mi

    “Wrapping it up…F*CK IT!” lmao I love her attitude about it all. Real talk tho, this girl is the truth and all these other singers and so called “singers” know it!
    Love “Demonstrate” – my summer jam


  12. -

    Sexy damn


  13. panenip

    She is so talent, and a really smart girl ¡¡ hahaha the end, best part XD


  14. DRB

    LMAO off the end. Her little side eye was priceless


  15. Jay

    Yeah maaann!!! JoJo is about to bring it on this new album. She’s most def one of the greatest vocalist of all time for real! I look forward to more and more music and movies from JoJo. I still jam to The High Road just about everyday. Girl just vocally slays. And I love her for the end of this video. Ha! That was funny! :)


  16. J to the B down to the Aaa (Liyah)

    Great for her @ the end of the video that was Funny!.


  17. NicoleanDynamitexD

    It’s so frustrating how underrated she is.. You rarely hear from her but people can shove Rihanna and Katy Perry down our throats all day long. She has such an amazing voice…she definitely isn’t getting what she deserves..


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