Brandy Puts It Down as Co-Host of ‘106 & Park’


In addition to premiering her video for “Put It Down” with Chris Brown, Brandy filled in as co-host on Tuesday’s “106 & Park.” The former “Moesha” star felt right at home sharing hosting duties with Rocsi. She spoke about her new album Two Eleven (due Oct. 16) and welcomed guests Jermaine Dupri and Michael Jackson’s nephew Austin Brown. If you missed it, catch the full episode below.

Brandy Talks About “Put It Down”

Full Episode

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  1. Young Pereezy YMCMB-MMG

    If It Wasnt for Breezy I wouldnt watch the Video!!
    Breezy is The Most multi talented Artist in the Game! No Lies!!!!!


    MinajRules20I2 Reply:

    Look at that beautiful hair! Nicki Minaj always be tryna copy it! Nicki sucks! I hate her, she be a fake ho! I love Azealia Banks doe! She is sooo beautiful unlike me! Wahhhhhh! *I be cryin like a baby now* There is an impersonator that’s going to deny da truth but ignore them! I hateeeeee Nicki Minaj!


    Sasha Reply:

    @Young Pereezy YMCMB-MMG, You young money bandwagoners have no idea what real talent is don’t you.

    Please die.


    Young Pereezy YMCMB-MMG Reply:

    @Sasha, B*tch! Breezy do almost everything


  2. MinajRules20l2

    I hate Nicki Minaj! She sucks and copies everyone! I love Azealia Banks doe. She is soooo beautiful unlike me! I be ugly!!! *I be crying now* There be an impersonator that be denyin da truth! But I be real and I be hatin Nicki Minaj!


  3. MinajRules20l2

    I be hatin Nicki Minaj! She be ugly like me! *I be cyin now* Nicki be copyin everyone! I be lovin Azealia Banks doe! She be pretty! I be creepin on her pictures! *I be creepin now*


    MinajRules20l2 Reply:

    @MinajRules20l2, There be an impostor that be denyin da truth , but I be da real one! And I be hatin Minaj! Azealia is da queen now! She is a goddess! I be prayin to Azealia, maybe my goddess wil be makin me pretty like her! *I be praying now*


  4. MinajRules20l2

    I have no life so I come on Rap-Up and hate on everyone celebrity who’s living better than me. I’m such a bitter, ugly human being.


    J to the B down to the Aaa (Liyah) Reply:

    @MinajRules20l2, you Damn Right about that.


    Brian Reply:

    @J to the B down to the Aaa (Liyah), co-sign.. Now just drink some acid


    Lookin 4 a good time call: 1-800-grab some lotion Reply:

    @MinajRules20l2, the first stemp is admitting it.. good girl


  5. J to the B down to the Aaa (Liyah)

    Nice Interview


  6. Warren

    Bran’s so funny presenting

    great look too!


  7. Kreta

    Austin Brown is so talented,I´m so exited about his album


  8. Antone

    It was a desent show, didn’t watch to whol show. It’s about time she co-hosted and premire her new video.


  9. relly

    She’s so funny and genuine. She should host a talk show when she’s older.


  10. Bluieez Jearn Part

    Amazing and I like her Outfit


  11. TheDreamer

    Never knew she was so funny. I can’t wait to hear a slow ballad from her soon.


  12. Me

    Worst song ever!!!


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