Lady Gaga Announces Kendrick Lamar Collaboration

Lady Gaga and Kendrick Lamar

Lady Gaga and Kendrick Lamar are taking their friendship one step further. The odd couple have collaborated on a new song for Kendrick’s upcoming debut.

The pop superstar took to Twitter to reveal the title of the track and release date. “I am so excited to announce that a record I’ve been working on has now become a collaboration with @KendrickLamar for HIS ALBUM,” she wrote. “@kendricklamar and I are dropping the record SEPT 6. Its called ‘PARTYNAUSEOUS.’”

She previously showed up to support her friend at the Pitchfork Festival in Chicago last month. “Can your new album come out now so i can go out to clubs and dance again?” she asked the Compton MC.

Their relationship didn’t blossom overnight. “That’s a real good friend… a real good friend,” Kendrick told The Source.

In addition to the Gaga collaboration, Kendrick’s highly-anticipated album good kid m.A.A.d city will feature the singles “Swimming Pools (Drank)” and the Dr. Dre-assisted “The Recipe” when it arrives on October 2.

Lady Gaga Tweet

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  1. @Khalilology_603

    …. I would actually peep this out.

    Truthfully I like him alot, he could def. turn this game around to what it used to be. and I feel like he is the ONLY new artist I want to see collab w/ Aaliyah vs. Drake.


    MinajRules20l2 Reply:

    @@Khalilology_603, You be gettin your facts straight boy, da only real G is Telly tubbies! Get wit dem! They be sexy and killin’ shit! Y’all not know real music! I be lovin Azealia Banks doe. I think about her sometimes before I sleep….. And it be naughty. Ooooh yeah. Dat be sexy. *I go creepin on my neighbors now* Har Har.


  2. Vinn

    Yall kno this will be fire.


    Roman Zolanki Reply:

    @Vinn, I can help but think if they gonna star dating soon


  3. GOOD>YM

    Can’t wait for this one!


  4. Nel

    ^^ um aaliyah’s dead. the only “collaboration” she’ll do is the one in which an obsessed weirdo re-imagines her after getting his hands on some leftover vocals she did while alive. yeah, can’t wait for THAT! *not*

    as for kendrick’s solo debut….I was excited but now i just don’t know. kinda wish he’d establish himself first w/o big name collabs.


  5. Be3000

    I’m really really excited about this!


  6. An0thrNight272

    Im excited for this! Kendrick lamar is the TRUTH and Lady Gaga is a bad B**** – loved her on the hook of wale’s record three years ago, this will be on another level w/lamar


  7. Zack



  8. daniel

    I knew it ! Can’t fu**ing wait. :-)


  9. Ripublicon health plan: "DON'T GET SICK. IF U GET SICK, DIE QUICK"

    She did this song I doubt she will be accused of copying Madonna.


  10. Freak62

    Why Kendrick Why?


  11. Roman

    yaassss for Lady Gaga becoming a featured artist.


  12. Gabriel MSE



  13. daniel

    this gonna be a banger! ;-)



    I’ll actually check this out.


  15. JHP

    Wonder if this will actually get him chart success


  16. #RihannaNAVi

    can’t wait!! :D

    and they actually look like a nice couple in the picture


  17. pete

    hope its not a pop anthem u can feature lady gaga no problem but hope its hiphop,stick to hiphop kendrik u will loose ur fans like niki minaj


    IV. Reply:

    @pete, Nicki still has her fans tho so you fail lls


  18. waka

    ill check it out but i hope its not too pop because that gaga girl is drippin in everything sugary coated POP…


    Blake Reply:

    @waka, Her music is pop but she can do other styles. She did a song with Wale back in ’09 that was very much hip hop.


  19. rin

    ohhh woww this will be interesting im looking foward to it.


  20. Hugh

    This gonna be album of the year.


  21. Bluieez Jearn Part

    They looks like a Nice Couple even tho Can’t wait to hear the song.


  22. daniel



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