Hit-Boy Freestyles Over Kanye West’s ‘Through the Wire’


Fresh off the release of his debut album HITstory, producer-turned-rapper Hit-Boy showed off his skills by freestyling live on SiriusXM’s “Sway in the Morning.”

The “Ni**as in Paris” hitmaker reflected on his journey while rhyming over Dem Franchize Boyz’ “I Think They Like Me,” Missy Elliott’s “Sock It 2 Me,” and his mentor Kanye West’s debut single “Through the Wire.”

“I never could imagine buying $1,000 shirts, now that’s the daily average just to show me what I’m worth/ I gotta hide the price tags from my mama when she visits,” he raps.

Hear him spit some boastful bars below.

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  1. lewisak

    is that RealSway interview having orgasms and getting turned on by hitboy lol !!!


  2. MinajRules20l2

    Oh, he think he be fly rappin over yeezy! Ain’t no one as fly as Yeezy! Pshhhh. If anyone is wondering; pshhh isn’t a noise a make with my mouth. I make it from my uranus. Borat Minaj always gives me diarrhea


  3. C94B

    That may appear as a hater message, but that’s how I feel: Hit-Boy, you will never be Kanye West. You will never be as groundbreaking, as talented, as audacious, as f*cking crazy, as controversial and as generally talented as Kanye is. Once you’ll realise that and try to be yourself, you may become a good rapper.



    Miles Reply:

    @C94B, Beat wise I think he is just as talented


    C94B Reply:


    I don’t think he’s ever done something that comes close to Jay-Z’s “Lucifer”, The Game’s “Dreams”, or Cam’ron’s “Down and Out”, but yes I do think he’s a very good producer.

    Even if he matched Kanye as far as beats go (I think he doesn’t, but I understand it if you think he does), Ye’s beats are, in introspection, not just instrumentals. The dude is often cited as the one who put the soul samples back in the game. Just Blaze & himself gave a huge advantage to Jay-Z when the Blueprint came out. They almost redefined him. Now that’s a legacy.


  4. BOMB

    He looked scared when the “through the wire” beat came on. Look at his facial expression.


  5. tim

    his gonna make it, give him more time,


  6. TheDreamer

    I think he’s pretty good. I listened to a bit of his album. I think some of the tracks were pretty good.


  7. J to the B down to the aaa(Liyah)

    Right now @ this Point Dope rap song


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