New Music: Busta Rhymes f/ Gucci Mane – ‘Make It Look Easy’

Year of the Dragon

Busta Rhymes and Gucci Mane represent for the get money ballers on “Make It Look Easy.” The rappers trade lofty rhymes over a sample of the Notorious B.I.G.’s “Just Playing (Dreams).” This is just one of the many collaborations on Busta’s album Year of the Dragon, which will be available for free on August 21 via Google Play.

[Rap Radar]

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  1. MinajRules2012

    Hang it up HAS BEEN!!!!


    missySOpretty Reply:

    @MinajRules2012, LMAO my girl stay checkin these hoes! Who really want it though? Couldn’t have said it better myself.


  2. KillaBey



  3. Young Pereezy YMCMB-MMG

    Bussa Buss! come on, Gucci??? Really??


  4. DrakeTakeCare

    what’s wrong with y’all?
    i really like this song the beat is maddd dopee and busta buss is a legend..even gucci got somethin’ goin’ on..


  5. mr galleta

    burr burr burr!!!!!!!


  6. Penny Proud Lil Sis

    Busta where for art thou?? cuz i dont know who this dude is who keep releasing these weak songs..


    KimIsTheQueen Reply:

    @Penny Proud Lil Sis, cosign. This beat is serious though. it samples Biggie’s song Just Playin (Dreams).


  7. RoyalTprod

    I lk the sample/beat…even the hook isnt tht bad…the song is okay…i lk it more than why stop now…idk maybe im a real get money baller lol..i give this song a 3.2 out of five..its okay


  8. TheDreamer

    It’s alright. I love the beat probably cause it’s Biggie’s.


  9. aceboogie973

    This song is Dope!


  10. J to the B down to the aaa(Liyah)

    OMG This Beat is Dope


  11. H.A.T.E.R.S.G.E.T.A.LIFE.S.O.O.N.

    gucci mane doesn’t fit busta rhymes’ style.. don’t like him, sorry.. only busta


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