Video: Hit-Boy f/ Kid Cudi – ‘Old School Caddy’

Old School Caddy

Hit-Boy rides with Kid Cudi in the video for “Old School Caddy,” the second release from his debut album HITstory. The G.O.O.D. Music affiliates take to the desert with Hit-Boy behind the wheel of a classic Cadillac and Cudi swerving in a Mercedes-Benz gullwing. Hit the road with Hit-Boy.

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  1. Jaded

    Song sounds great! One of those songs I’ll deffently be jamming to! A new fresh style!!


    kingkoopa Reply:

    you must have been retarded when you were born


  2. The frenchie

    Simply my Jam !!! #Dope


  3. Tones

    Hit Boy and Cudi wat are u doin in this video you gotta fly out to Hawaii to finish that G.O.O.D. Music Album Get ur ass to Hawaii Wit Kim and Ye


  4. J to the B down to the Aaa(Liyah)



  5. DNJ

    look at hitboy’s tshirt


  6. Lucas

    damn Phill is doing another iintrveew!!That iintrveew ws funky funky fresh and yeah Troy is doing his thang thang!!I was very impressed man just knowing the difficulty in searching for breaks is a mother. I didn’t D.J. that long but I loved the breaks and when I found stuff I was like a kid in a candy store!! Back in the day I didn’t have much money so when I got money I made it count I remeber hearing this guy Energizer Tizer from a well known North Philly group called Sex Machine tear up Cerrone so when I wanted that badly, so I would go to some neighborhood D.J.s that did have it and look at the label and cover then called around to a few record shops who didn’t have it!! I finally found it at the Sound of Germantown but as I say I didn’t have much money so I couldn’t buy the album and pay for the ride up!!Well from where I lived it was about a good 37 blocks away and I went and copped it and walked back happy with just the one copy since that is all they had, got home and played it searching for that beat. I was almost dissapointed because I couldn’t find the beat I was looking for, I thought I had brought the wrong album, then low and behold the beat came on from look for love and I was done, so I know the feeling Phill!!Crate digging is a whole new world of hip hop and you certainly have become an expert I am enjoying hearing the dedication put in for that skill!!According to your story man you are a pure unadulterated break beat genuise or hell mastermind!!Damnnnnnnnnn!!! Hope you get well!!!


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