Big Sean Announces New Mixtape ‘Detroit’

Big Sean

After months of anticipation, Big Sean has officially announced the title and release date for his new mixtape. The G.O.O.D. Music MC pays homage to his hometown of Detroit with the title. The project will arrive on September 5, prior to the release of the G.O.O.D. Music compilation Cruel Summer (Sept. 18) and his as-yet-untitled sophomore album.

“BEFORE my album, the GOOD Music Compilation ‘Cruel Summer’ is coming which is scheduled for next month (Sep. 18th),” tweeted Sean. “BUT before that I wanted to give u guys this mixtape I have on deck, I feel now is the perfect time for it, I wanted to make sure my album was pretty much done before i gave u a mixtape.”

The follow-up to his 2010 tape Finally Famous Vol. 3: BIG will feature J. Cole and Juicy J, among others. He plans to start releasing songs and videos this week. “I paid for all the videos n promo for this tape myself outta my pocket,” said Sean.

Meanwhile, his sophomore album is due before the end of the year, with the first single coming “very soon.” “We been working hard, everyday for the past 8 months… And I can honestly say that me, my label, my team are more than excited how my new album sounds,” he said of the follow-up to 2011’s Finally Famous. “It’s everything I want it to be n more. A true representation of what I stand for, what I believe in, how I live, great story telling, n great production. I took my time with it and it made all the difference.”

In the black-and-white trailer for Detroit, Sean sits on a soundstage with a snake around his neck. Watch below.

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  1. Sergio

    My dude Big sean going kill that mixtape!!!


    jojo Reply:

    @Sergio, he aint yo dude. WUD DUH HELL


    Mr. Nice Watch Reply:

    @jojo, i just hope he didn’t go POP.


    Young Pereezy YMCMB-MMG Reply:

    @Mr. Nice Watch, Yeah, Tha’s I hope too


  2. Ice



  3. Miszi

    Anyone suprised it doesn’t have any Fianlly Famous stuff in the title? Just kidding ofcourse. Hope no one will take it as hating or anything. I really can’t wait for the tape as well as “Cruel Summer” . Big Sean is one of the best rappers, like for real.


  4. Miles

    Big Sean is a good rapper, but far from the best. But the tape should be dope


  5. Miles

    And Check out MELLOWHYPE x NUMBERS oOct.2nd


  6. SeanDon

    fuccccccc!!!!!! can’t fccing waitt!!!!
    feels like years since his last album! i’m excited as fff!
    oh goddd, BIG on his mixtape-ish, good music compilation and his ALBUM on the wayy!
    he’s one of the best out there right next to drake j.cole, wiz khalifa & kendrick lamar…but drake and sean taking it to another level!!!!


  7. Jorge

    Can’t wait, I like his last mixtape so hopefully this one goes to another level and GOOD is taking over! Detroit, Cruel Summer then who ever comes after that. I am glad to see a label with actual talent! F all thay bs some others had put out. Kanye you got the Dream Team of Hip Hop. Salute!


  8. Be3000

    I feel like he’s taking alot into his look and style right now, since Cruel Summer era. Like he probably loved Finally Famous but now he’s grown and worked on Cruel Summer he’s kinda change idk


    Miles Reply:

    @Be3000, he actually said he hated Finally Famous


    Be3000 Reply:

    @Miles, i know he hated it but he probably liked it:S


  9. Be3000

    Yonkers ?

    But Sean’s style is changing ever since Cruel Summer has been in the working he’s changed. For the better though, has anybody else noticed?


  10. TBH

    I begin to like him more and more every time I see him


  11. Matt

    if big sean is gonna name his mixtape Detroit, he better try his best to get Eminem, Danny Brown and Royce on the features…otherwise he should name it something else haha


    Middlefinger Reply:

    @Matt, cosigned


  12. EJ_BHG

    I’m going to Detroit on that same day. I just thought that was ironic lol. But everybody already know he bouta kill it


  13. Young Pereezy YMCMB-MMG

    Mr Finally Famous is goin’ to kill it.
    boy boy boy… I Just can’t wait.


  14. Yasmine

    J. Cole, tho


  15. Bluieez Jo Pa25 Boy

    He gonna do that Mixtape Big & also I would Like to see him work with Jd, Dondria,Ciara or Beyonce, Jay-z, Rihanna,Ti,Timbaland or J cole, Keyshia Cole, Missy Elliot


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