Lupe Fiasco Goes ‘Against the Grain’ on ’106 & Park’

Lupe Fiasco

Following its online premiere on Wednesday, Lupe Fiasco stopped by “106 & Park” to debut the controversial video for “Bitch Bad.”

The rap rebel was surprised that BET would allow the Gil Green-directed clip to air on the network. “It’s so against the grain and that’s what I’m good at,” a dreadlocked Lupe told Rocsi. “I applaud [BET's] bravery.”

His album Food & Liquor II: The Great American Rap Album Pt. 1 is bound to get people talking. “It’s just me telling the story of America,” he explained. “If you just tell the story of America plain, it’s controversial enough. But it’s definitely not coming from a place where I want to make some people mad. I just want to give people my point of view and start a conversation.”

Despite his notoriety, he doesn’t consider himself controversial. “I never call myself controversial. The media kinda put that tag on me,” said the Chicago MC. “The subject matter that I choose to talk about can rub some people the wrong way, but you need to have a Lupe Fiasco to stir things up every now and then.”

Lupe plans to drop more singles prior to the album’s release on September 25.

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  1. misty

    Where is Ciara’s interview with Centric? u guys are always late with news…


    tgod Reply:

    @misty, shut up. Don’t bring ciara on Lupes post.


    Cranberry Reply:

    @misty, it’s Ciara… I mean, really…


    MinajRules2012 Reply:

    @misty, He needs to have a seat!! He’s going to get slayed by the Queen Minaj for his little shade he threw in that weak video.


    TRA Reply:

    @MinajRules2012, Lupe Fiasco is a better lyrical rapper than Nicki Minaj, if Nicki Minaj tries to get into a freestyle battle with Lupe Fiasco, she will lose very badly, Nicki Minaj wouldn’t have to worry about shades being thrown her way if she stop making songs like Stupid Ho, and Starships, and start making more songs like Moment 4 Life.


  2. Os

    just like how they turn that word n-@ger/n–gga in to a positive,so why not turn the word b-tch in to a positive even though i hate both words but why knock one and let the other slide…it,s the same way with n1@ger it depends on the way you use it white use it it,s bad…two blacks is fighting they use the word n1@ger as a curse words[in my opinion it is] in anger,just the same why they use it when greeting in a positive way to a friend are family…lupe could have used the word n1@ger in this song too it would have fit in very well…because both b-tch and n1@ger is bad depends on the way you use it….so for him to make it seems like some women are stupid for calling there selves a bad b-tch is bias….i just saw him on up there talking about he do songs like this that go,s against the grain…if that is the case why didn’t he do a song about the word n1@ger that all most ever rapper…and black people use in a positive and negative way…no he won’t because everyone and there pets would be going in on is @ss..but no the word bad b-tch is safer for him so bias…people is co-signing him and failed to see what is bias @ss is doing.


  3. WayneRules2012

    That guy is stupid and crazy! He shouldn’t even be alive.


    Ant21 Reply:

    @WayneRules2012, you’re a moron


    Not In Love with him but he's my Biggest Fan Loveeeee Reply:

    @WayneRules2012, U Ratchieeee Dumbie Someone needs to NKnock your teeth out of your Rudely ass MOuth U F Moron


  4. shell

    Lmao at people scared of the truth in his video…Lupe you did it you opened up a conversation that the public is scared to have.


  5. TheDreamer

    The video is amazing and is something that need to be bought up. Thankyou Lupe for making people think with your songs.


  6. Not In Love with him but he's my Biggest Fan Loveeeee

    @ least he said something Good and People do put out Good Message Music IF it Help U some way


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