Usher Wins Primary Custody of Sons

Usher and sons

After a long and public battle, Usher has been awarded primary custody of his two sons.

A judge sided with the “Climax” singer over his ex-wife Tameka Foster in court today, reports TMZ.

Both parties wanted full custody of their children. Tameka called out Usher for being an absentee father who was too wrapped up in his career to be a good parent. She also accused him of using drugs in front of his sons.

Usher fired back, claiming that Tameka was inattentive and irresponsible. He even broke down on the witness stand at one point during the trial.

Usher Raymond V and Naviyd Ely Raymond will be spending the majority of their time with their father. Tameka still retains some custodial rights, but it’s unclear how often she will be able to see her kids.

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  1. Deidre

    Well, congrats.


    Jasmine Matias (Women Of Hip-Hop) Reply:

    @Deidre, Wow! I can’t believe it. A sad day in society when they let hom*sexuals raise children. Usher does not deserve these kids. I pray they aren’t victims of molestion.


    Cool Reply:

    @Jasmine Matias (Women Of Hip-Hop),
    Ok but aren’t you the same chick that said you were a lesbian in another post? Girl, bye. We all know you’re just @minajrules 2012 under a new name. Get a life


    MinajRules2012 Reply:

    @ Cool please keep my name off your tired ass post!! I dont see WHY ya’ll are so obsessed with me? Am I on your minds all day? Damn lol. I’d never talk like that about Usher that was degrading. I will say his new album was horrible!


    SaucyMcblast Reply:

    @Jasmine Matias (Women Of Hip-Hop), WTF I so shocked right now.


    ROCnation Reply:

    @Jasmine Matias (Women Of Hip-Hop), That’s really ignorant


    A$$ Reply:

    @Jasmine Matias (Women Of Hip-Hop), what is the matter with you? How do you know Usher doesn’t deserve these kids?? At the end of the day it’s a shame that Usher and Tamika wanted full custody. Joint custody seems like the most fair option for the kids. And your comment about victims of child molestation is just ridiculous


    Greg Reply:

    @A$$, minajrules disappears, this loser suddenly appears. who are you kidding


    Haha Reply:

    @Jasmine Matias (Women Of Hip-Hop), MinajRules2012 got a new name? Happy for yo bumb ass ^_^


    righterthanleft Reply:

    @Jasmine Matias (Women Of Hip-Hop), they see me trolling, they hating!


  2. Os

    i am happy for him.


  3. Replay

    congrats, he deserved it not the money thirsty tameka.


  4. Liza

    Good for Usher but very sad for her. It must be hard to lose the own son and then to lose the full custody of her youngest.



    Glad for once the tables turned another way. I think he’s a good dad despite how she makes him out not to be. Not all us guys are deadbeats. Happy for ya bro. @Biggibenzo


  6. DBG

    Cool… I hear he’s the more responsible parent…. at least from people I know who DO know them BOTH.


  7. Penny Proud Lil Sis

    Props to Usher!!! i see Tameka’s shady past came to bite her in the ass. The judge saw who was more fit to take care of the boys!


  8. Meme

    Congrats. That’s where they need to be. Now tameka needs to find a job so she can give usher her portion of the child support each month.


  9. Lisa

    Let this be a lesson to women who use their children against their fathers, and to fathers who are scared to go after their rights. She does not have custody of any of her kids, she did not have custody of the other kids prior to the son dying, and now these two, there is something wrong with her and I pray that she takes this time to address whatever it is, it takes a lot for a judge, a female judge at that to take kids from their mother. Until this woman admits that she needs help she should not have custody, and after losing a child they offered to postpone the case but no she wanted to go ahead and then she was so super worried about a Sachs card? well now you have your card but you have lost your kids. Please seek help Tameka, if not for yourself for your boys.


    Shae Reply:

    @Lisa, well said. And congrats to him. I’, actually very happy that he go PC.


  10. incognegro

    I am happy for Usher, as I geniunely feel that he will offer his sons the best life and lessons that a father can provide; however, with that being sad, I agree with Liza, and this is hard blow for Tameka. I think that she has been villainized in the media, as being money grubbing and difficult. But the woman just buried one of her sons a few weeks ago, as a result of a freak accident as opposed to negilence. And please believe that Usher lawyer’s probably used that as grounds to strengthening their case against Tameka. I can imagine that Usher was probably fearful for his son’s well-being considering what happen to their brother, but I feel the timing is really bad. All in all, congrats to Usher – but please keep in mind that his win came at the loss of Tameka, who experienced one of the greatest losses a parent can experience with the death of son.


  11. TRP

    I can only go off of what I see. I don’t know either of them personally, but I’ve never seen a photo of Usher and his boys without them looking like they are happy and having a good time. Tameka tried to use this trial for more fame, and she just looked as ignorant as people thought she was. Her not wanting to post-pone everything after the death of her son was the icing on the cake.


  12. TheDreamer

    Usher seems like a really great dad and the boys are really happy whenever I see pictures of them with him. It’s great that he got primary custody.



    Wow! How is he a role model when he slept with two of his ex-wives bridesmaids …and was knocking boots with them while Tameka was pregnant with their second child. He’s a dirty dog and he is gonna reap what he sews for sure..This woman just lost a son and Usher could’ve worked things out so that they had joint custody just to help her cope with her loss… Money rules the world… His attorney is friends with the judge so I’m sure that was what helped Usher win.


  14. Cherryfalls

    I might be a usher fan, but I’m a human being first. I don’t know if either of them are fit/not. Usher shouldn’t have full custody when he is still trying to pursue his career. After Tameka lost one of her son’s why would he still pursue full custody? After the accident they should have worked their issues out and decided to work with one another (assuming they’re both decent parents).


  15. V

    This is Usher’s year.


  16. Not In Love with him but he's my Biggest Fan Loveeeee

    Good for usher Long as Usher is happy in his life with his two Children


  17. Orville

    Tamika is a gold digger she only wanted the kids so she can get more money out of Usher. The judge saw through that gold digging bitch and awarded custody to Usher! Congrats Usher!


  18. missperry35

    Comgrats to him just wish that they could have work it out more better hope/maybe one day they can sit down and work


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