New Music: Bridget Kelly – ‘Special Delivery’

Special Delivery

After making her introduction with her EP Every Girl last year, Bridget Kelly signs, seals, and delivers the first single off her Roc Nation debut. Instead of sending a text or a tweet, a heartbroken Bridget pens an old-fashioned goodbye letter to her lover on “Special Delivery.”

“I hope when he reads these words this hurt I feel bleeds through before the ink dries,” sings the New York songstress, who debuted the soulful song live at the ESSENCE Music Festival in New Orleans last month.

Feel her emotions leap off the page and into your speakers.

[DJ Prostyle]

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  1. D

    YES!!! BK delivers!


  2. NNS



    NNS Reply:

    @NNS, jk haha


    Brian Reply:

    @NNS, naw u were just salty that u wasnt really first Hahaha at you!!!!!!!


  3. D

    YES! BK Delivers!


  4. Speak

    I like it


  5. Sharloboy

    Oooohh Weeeee!!! Hurry Hurry !!! this is a Hit !


  6. billionaire

    love it!


  7. a

    good r&b record

    but personally I like her mixtape sound more. Hope her album has many influences and sounds


  8. Morgan

    Nice song.


  9. Songstress

    This was IT !!!! Loved it!


  10. Be3000

    I love it! Her voice is familiar?


  11. Dante

    this is good, her mixtape was good, she is good… where is that Roc Nation promo Jay-Z? her career shouldve been took off right after touring with Jay & singing Alicia Keys’ part on Empire State of Mind… or Thinking About Forever (before Frank Ocean release his version and then released it as his single)


    flawda Reply:

    @Dante, Why do ya’ll keep asking the same stupid questions. Roc Nation doesn’t rush out it’s artist, they didn’t for J Cole or Rita Ora, it took them 2 years to drop their debut. Nothing wrong with ARTIST DEVELOPMENT and not throwing artist out every 5 seconds and hoping they can make it.

    It’s much more harder to break r and b artist nowadays, because r and b is damn near dead sales wise.


  12. TheNotoriousJEN

    This song is EVERYTHING! Been waiting for the .mp3 since I first heard the live version! Please Roc Nation, take care of this song! Handle this song with care!!! Haven’t heard this sound in a while! This is what we’ve been missing! Thank you, Bridget Kelly. Thank you, Elle Varner. *bows out*


  13. Penny Proud Lil Sis



  14. @DrewShane

    I was wondering what she was doing. I really enjoy her music and lyrics! Roc Nation does need to start pumping out more dollars behind TALENT


  15. Nicole O.

    Beautiful song. Saaaang, Bridget!


  16. Reinhard

    Geiler sound = bitte mehr davon! Wann kommst Du nach Berlin?


  17. TRP

    Good solid first single, didn’t disappoint!


  18. vik

    when is this chick’s album coming out?!!?! I’m SOoOooooo Waiting man. waiting!! Jay! make it happen!Love this song – on repeat!This is her lane for real.


  19. Dal

    I’ve listened to this 13 times on my iMac and can’t get enough of it. Wish it were on vinyl so I could soak it in properly.


  20. Ice

    A genuinely beautiful song.


  21. Lena

    I LOVE BK and the SONG!!!!! She is sooo talented!!! Cannot wait for her album.


  22. TYREK

    This song brings me to tears, #TrueShit


  23. JDollar

    Amazing debut single!! I’m very impressed. Btw, this is the type of song that Mariah should have released instead of Triumphant (Get’ em).


  24. yass

    love it. i’m impressed!


  25. No Part a Enough my green Lovie

    Love it it’s great Smooth Music and I know it gonna take her sometime to finish up the album or take longer then that Like two year or so


  26. Pure

    Amazing! Love her….


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