Rita Ora Goes Acoustic on ‘BBC Breakfast’

Rita Ora

Rita Ora kicked off her release week with an early morning appearance on “BBC Breakfast.” Running on little sleep after a busy weekend, the 21-year-old Roc Nation signee spoke about her debut album ORA, growing up in Kosovo, her parents’ sacrifices, and having Jay-Z as her mentor.

“He’s incredible at what he does,” said Rita. “I’m just really happy to be under the belt of such a legend in our generation. Not only that, we’ve got something in common. We both love music. It’s cool to have a boss that loves the same thing you love. I know that creatively he’ll always understand me.”

She also performed an acoustic version of her latest U.K. chart-topper “How We Do (Party).”

Plus, watch Rita break down her album track by track.

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  1. Samantha

    Love her so much. She was amazing as usual, and her album is a masterpiece.



    @Samantha, no it’s not.


  2. Speak

    I will be as blessed like that


  3. Speak

    I don’t really like Rita’s music, but she has a nice voice and she seems nice. I’m guessing she will fall into place. The opportunity she has is MASSIVE!


  4. x

    love this girl humility


  5. Hip-Hop Fiend

    Rihanna 2.0


    Quest Reply:

    @Hip-Hop Fiend, More like … Rita 1.0.


  6. Jake

    She seems very genuine and humble. I wish her much success.


  7. WonderLand19

    I like Rita. Heard her album and its good.Plus, she is REALLY good live.Lots of energy.Congrats!


  8. @taimiicel

    Love it


  9. She cool

    But boring. I’ll get into her when she has a single to draw me in.


  10. boom boom

    @Samantha, hoe please. Have a sit & clean your ears while you at it also.

    and STOP comparing her with Riri. This broad need to be compared to lower levels standard hoes like C-Error, Keri Hilson, Tearri Mari and all those other ones.


  11. waka

    her voice is nice but her music is just horrible like really bad, and on top of that she comes off a tad boring to me


  12. Tajna

    She is so fake as hell!


    No Part a Enough my green Lovie Reply:

    @Tajna, u fake as hell Like yo mama bitch


  13. No Part a Enough my green Lovie

    Nice interview


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