Big Sean Previews New Mixtape Song ‘How It Feel’ [Video]

Big Sean

Big Sean takes it to the hotel in the preview for “How It Feel,” the first offering from his mixtape Detroit, due September 5. The G.O.O.D. Music rapper dons a fur coat and gets pampered by his lady, who shaves his face as he performs the new track. He plans to drop a collaboration with J. Cole on Friday.

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  1. AAA

    My homie


    YoungPereezy YMCMB-MMG Chapter 5 Reply:

    @AAA, B.I.G boy boy boy! This Dude is great


  2. aiecoy

    big sean is always great


  3. eoa

    This is really Fresh. But I wonder why he working on a mixtape… we need another solo album and to see some more growth


    Ice Reply:

    @eoa, Mixtape is preceding the album. I believe the album’s first single is expected to drop later this month or early next month.


  4. Jorge

    Love the Barry Whits sample. This is some real g shit but real classy as well. Can’t wait til he drops the preview of his song with Cole on friday! That’s going to be about real life shit. Then his other preview will be him straight spittin’!


  5. Lauren

    Yesss…love this! Also, CANNOT WAIT for the J. Cole collab!


  6. Miles

    i love to see growth in musicians.


  7. BAWSE

    Excited to hear the rest! Can’t wait. Good Music


  8. SeanDon

    ohhh gooood…
    always loved B I G seandon & this song is fire can’t wait for his mixtape!!!!!!!!!! and i can’t wait for him to be on a song with cole..those are my favorites next to drake..
    swerveee…mixtape, good music compilation and the ALBUM! ohgod b i g will takeover!


  9. manjeo

    I can see the growth. Real G shit.


  10. No Part a Enough my Lovie



  11. JHP

    I can see the growth as well, he’s grown more comfortable with himself as a rapper, can’t wait to hear the rest of his new music #Boeey


    SaucyMcblast Reply:

    @JHP, defiantly. Im feeling this and Big Sean’s new confidence.


  12. Miszi

    Real cool, just as expected. Can’t wait.


  13. Abdurahman

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