New Music: Ryan Leslie – ‘Winning’

Ryan Leslie

Ryan Leslie stays “Winning” on his latest release. The music prodigy, whose album Les Is More will be released independently on October 23, takes a victory lap through the city as he reflects on his rise to the top. “I’m never going under, I’m a chronic overachiever,” sings R-Les. Join him in the winners’ circle.

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  1. mrstackhouse

    love his music it always sounds “fresh”


    white hos love BBC Reply:

    @mrstackhouse, who df is this


    mistwalker Reply:

    @white hos love BBC, looool yaaal so brain washed to dumb musci yall dont know proper music this is the guy that will take r kelly and ushers place years from now as a true R&b king he also wrote chris brown’s famous girl and produced it


    Tbozfan10 Reply:

    @mistwalker, Umm how is the person “brainwashed” because they don’t know who this is? Brainwashed means someone has been coerced into believing something that isnt true. The commenter asked a question so how can u claim he’s “brainwashed” from that?


  2. theTRUFF

    WHO IS HE?


    uhhhh Reply:

    @theTRUFF, lollllll really bitch ?


    Cmonson Reply:

    @uhhhh, Who are you thats the real question??? Hes a somebody your a NOBODY


  3. @pablowHood

    if you dont know LES go kill your self


    Younes Reply:

    R-Les allday

    greatz from Germany


  4. Who Gonna Check Me Boo

    song is nice but it something missing about him
    a super star quality….maybe he should leak
    some nude pics…lol


  5. Lauren

    Can’t wait for the release!!!! Love him :)


  6. @SelectahSnipa

    Dope track. #LesIsMore


  7. NOChildNotToday

    This negroid. He should take a desk job somewhere because obviously music is not what he does best.



    @NOChildNotToday, even if he didn’t do music he’ll still be rich…cuz he’s a great producer…and he graduated from Harvard… definition of #winning how about u? i’ll wait..


  8. gwij

    most insecure rapper of all time. Hasn’t sold anything yet brag more than anybody.


  9. jerry



  10. No Part is a Enough my Lovie

    holy Crap Can’t even heard Nada



    1 of the genius in r&b genere. cant wait.
    les is more !


  12. RP

    SMH just looking at the comments so far. People not knowing who he is, calling him a rapper… This is really disappointing. I’ve been rocking with R.Les since 2005 when his real first album leaked and every album since has been pure perfection – EVERY song! I friggin love his singing voice man, on top of his simple yet classic beats – it’s perfect music for me. But for some reason he’s starting to try and sound like Rick Ross and I’m not feeling it! Stop that now and get back to your roots, Ryan, or I’m afraid you’ve lost a true fan.


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