Behind the Video: Waka Flocka Flame f/ Nicki Minaj, Tyga, & Flo Rida – ‘Get Low’

Waka Flocka takes viewers on set of the music video for his latest single “Get Low” featuring Nicki Minaj, Tyga, and Flo Rida. The full video will premiere Friday on BET’s “106 & Park.”

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  1. Kwayzee

    keep giving us behind the scenes just give us the damn video.. friday hurry up .. i hope its worth the wait


    Roman Empire Reply:

    @Kwayzee, RIGHT, luv the avi bitch!


    YoungPereezy YMCMB-MMG Chapter 5 Reply:

    @Kwayzee, Nicki and Tyga Killed it! The rest is Bullshit


    white hos love BBC Reply:

    @Kwayzee, imma pass on this


  2. Rodiculous

    Minaj slays. end of story.


  3. nicko

    My Nicki


  4. ymcmbellends

    NICKI IS A WHORE ASS BITCH! but i love it.


  5. thelonelyboner//tumblr

    nicki high af lol


  6. tunechiheat3

    Nicki And Tyga Killed It ButI want To See It So I Can See Tyga Sexy Ass


  7. TheDreamer

    It’s probably going to look the same as every other Benny Boom video.


  8. NickiAddicted

    He playing with ppl emotions; holding out with this video lol


  9. 4/4/2012 Part Bulioeez

    those Artist gonna be giving a Sneak peek or a Behind the scenes Music Video from now on


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