Brandy and Anderson Cooper
8.29.2012 Uncategorized

Beyoncé Guests on ‘Anderson Live’ Premiere [Promo Video]

During her visit to the United Nations, Beyoncé sat down with Anderson Cooper to discuss World Humanitarian Day for his show on CNN’s “AC360.” She also had a more lighthearted conversation with him for the season premiere of his daytime talk show “Anderson Live.” Will she teach him how to dance? Find out when the episode airs on September 10.

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  • chimajii


    • Roman Empire

      @chimajii, AND?? Anybody see those nicki/bey pics on twitter? HOES MAD CUZ NICKI LOOK BETTER!!! Yeah they sim, but there is a smidge of a difference in the face. Her MINAJESTY is gazing deeply and looks STUNNING while mrs camel freak look like a thirsty groupie!

      • xSTEV3N

        @Roman Empire, AHAHAHA, please stop, the only one who’s mad is you LOL :-)

  • Get a life

    Ofcourse I’m watching.

  • coolio

    Great way to promote that single, right B?

    • coolio

      @coolio, Can’t lie though B is fine.. every black man’s dream girl right there. Sadly she’s taken :/

  • Jay-Me

    Can’t wait to see the queen!

  • Tommy22026

    I’m excited to see her in an interview (it’s been a while).. one question though, how is it “live”?

    • datzdope

      @Tommy22026, there gonna tape on the same day duh…

  • mal

    every time i see her i get so excited lol

  • jokesbb

    Her in Ashanti have the same Laugh I hate it

    • Ray

      @jokesbb, lmao!

    • RealIssh

      @jokesbb, .. Bye .

  • Fa

    Not her again!!!!
    Please get pregnant again…like …another 5 times!!!!!

    • RealIssh

      @Fa, But you watched the 30 second clip huh ?

  • Ray

    She did better acting on here than in her movies


    I see the Queen still got them haters mad.

  • TheDreamer

    Can’t wait. Love her laugh.

  • Kenyon Green


  • 4/4/2012 Part Bulioeez

    so an Nice