New Music: Buddy – ‘Inspired’ (Produced by Pharrell)

Pharrell and Buddy

Pharrell introduced us to R&B songstress Leah LaBelle and pop-rocker Maxine Ashley earlier this year. Now the music mastermind brings us some hip-hop from the West Coast with his i am OTHER signee Buddy.

The 17-year-old Compton rapper flaunts his skills on the breezy Pharrell-produced “Inspired,” which will appear on his upcoming mixtape Idle Time.

He’s already received a co-sign from Justin Timberlake. “This kid is the truth!” tweeted the pop superstar.

Listen and see if you agree.

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  1. ano

    first!!I love the beat but not the rap…


  2. Brian

    Buddy is high as hell


  3. @Innerisms

    Will this ever find any kind of pop success? I highly doubt it. I love the strings though. And drums. Big Neptunes/Pharrell fan. but this shit just loops the whole way through. No variation. Sounds just like a well-produced idea. Not a complete song.


  4. mus

    Pharell was like i’m not waisting my time on this newbie, you can take that loop off my hard drive. Simple track, even simpler song nothing special


  5. TheDreamer

    Love the beat, but I don’t know about Buddy.


  6. Matt

    Pharrell is a producing genius.


  7. 4/4/2012 Part Bulioeez

    the beat is dope but what’s up with the lyric



    Not every track need alot of variation, Sometimes little can be more, Some of the biggest hits, & most classic of songs do not have Complicated beats!..Some songs are determined by how good the melodies & lyrical concept & content are !


  9. Ty

    This kid’s voice is really smooth, raw talent. Huge potential.


  10. Anonymousmoochi

    I like his flow . I support !
    (does Anybody know what his twitter name is?)


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