Video: Big Sean – ’24 Karats of Gold’

Big Sean

Big Sean prepares for jail in the fictional video for “24 Karats of Gold,” a new song off his upcoming mixtape Detroit. The G.O.O.D. Music rapper reflects on his charmed life as he drives to the courthouse to serve a four-year bid. “Wish I could wrap my whole life up in 24 karats of gold,” sings Sean on the Key Wane-produced track, which will feature J. Cole.

“Its a good body of work with a lot of different types of songs on it. and definitely a good warm up for the album,” tweeted Sean, whose sophomore album is due later this year. “Like I said most of this stuff is out of my pocket and purely cuz I know we always need more GOOD Music.”

He plans to preview more material leading up to the release on September 5.

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  1. Romeo

    Amazing !


    MinajRules2012 Reply:

    @Romeo, WTF is this garbage?


    Mr Nice Watch Reply:

    @MinajRules2012, you’re momma on a shit platter. STFU


    fredbread Reply:

    @Mr Nice Watch, dont even bother arguing with that hoe. i mean, her name is MinajRules2012 hahaha!!


    4/4/2012 Part Bulioeez Reply:

    @MinajRules2012, your Mama lock up in jail and U too


  2. Ice

    I would pay money for this mixtape, it sounds like it’s going to be better than his debut album based on the two tracks previewed so far!


    ......Because Reply:

    @Ice, Agree!!


    WonderLand19 Reply:

    @Ice, CO-SIGN!


  3. Miszi

    It’s great, I feel like it will really be worth the wait (the mixtape).


  4. Miles

    this makes me think of Kanye a lil…. he shouldn’t waste this song for a mixtape


  5. norton

    D4 > Detroit
    stay mad (=


  6. freshed

    dope music son but why rap about serving time. Then claim to be a fan of Pac. Pac said things he started rapping about ONLY happened to him AFTER he started rapping (i.e Police)


  7. Rachel

    I only clicked on this for the J. Cole verse … smh


  8. 4/4/2012 Part Bulioeez

    nice song


  9. AAA

    This my homie


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