New Music: Kevin Rudolf f/ Fred Durst, Birdman, & Lil Wayne – ‘Champions’

Kevin Rudolf and Lil Wayne

Cash Money’s resident rocker Kevin Rudolf rises to the top on his triumphant anthem “Champions” featuring his YMCMB labelmates Fred Durst, Birdman, and Lil Wayne. The empowering song serves as the theme for WWE Night of Champions, which airs September 16.

“Went from a con artist to an icon,” recalls Weezy on the rock-rap record.

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  1. Ira

    It was a good song until lil’ wayne say that he “souled (his) soul to the devil made a profit”. God Bless Him! Other than that I think it is a generic pop/rock mostly pop record. I don’t believe it will succeed that far.


  2. blah

    Wayne fuckin up. That line “Sold my soul to the devil made a profit” is not fucking cool. thats not swag. Wayne needs to understand that he has a great influence of people on the 90s generation and other generations and that line is just fuckin with the minds of the youth like wtf. Wayne stop.


    Say word Reply:

    @blah, message!!!!


  3. AmbeRussell

    i havent heard, nor do i really wish. the guys last song was kinda generic (let it rock), BUT i would like to commend ymcmb for releasing new music from artists other than wayne, nicki, drake and currently tyga. show off everyone on the label. and if u have all these different ppl, make good use of them with fred durst.
    AMbeRussell on YouTube


  4. lilmofiozoz

    Lil Wayne is Done!

    Worst shit ever just like his fucked up mixtape..
    I hope dis nigger stops with music and goes skateboarding all day


  5. Pure

    I dig Kevin…


  6. YoungPereezy YMCMB-MMG Chapter 5

    B***Ni**as Be Hatin’
    Real N***as Be Lovin’
    YMCMB all Day, Everyday


  7. d

    This dude has had birdman and lil wanye on all his records. The fuck?


  8. KayeV

    half of Kevins songs feature Lily Wayne . yes i said Lily :-)


  9. ayee

    dafuq was that ?! haven’t heard such sh1t radio rip in a LONG time..


  10. Bapai Buliezeo 9-4-2013

    Good song


  11. Prolil

    i luv weezy bt fuck that line..


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