Single Cover: Kanye West, Jay-Z, & Big Sean – ‘Clique’


With two weeks to go until its release, Kanye West readies the next single off the G.O.O.D. Music album Cruel Summer. Mr. West took to Twitter with the artwork for “Clique” featuring himself, Jay-Z, and Big Sean. The Hit-Boy-produced song appears as track #2 on the reported tracklisting, which surfaced over the weekend. It is expected to debut later today.

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  1. wn

    i pray that the tracklisting is fake


    My Name U Dont need 2 kno dat Reply:



    MrnicewatchMrnicewatch Reply:

    @My Name U Dont need 2 kno dat, and too many damn 2chainz features.


  2. mariah2012

    G.O.O.D Musiiiiic!!


  3. Wonderzz

    that tracklisting was weakkk i think thats off but Clique will be dope


  4. Tev

    Oh God!!! *Big Sean voice*


  5. Be3000

    So the tracklist was real! R KELLY


    SuckMeDry Reply:

    @Be3000, agreed why is that old man apart of this generations music instead they shld have used mr hudson


    Be3000 Reply:

    @SuckMeDry, I’m actually happy he’s apart?


  6. Keith

    I wasn’t happy with that tracklist……I believe it’s out of order…..just have to for the official…..I know that’s not all the tracks…Kanye west will release all of them soon.


  7. Keith

    Watch & see kanye is going to suprise you…!


  8. Jorge

    I would like to see Pusha, Cole and Electronica on here as well. And I do think the tracklist is mixed up and there were some false names and tracks. Anyway, can’t wait to hear it and buy the album :) and to those wondering where is Hudson and Mos, Kanye can use them on background vocals like he did in the past


  9. Brad

    This already is going to be a sick track. But I hope that track listing was fake. It needs MORE songs, and Mr. Hudson isn’t on any of them. He’s one of my favorites. I won’t believe it until I see the real one, whenever that happens. But until then, I’m waiting for this song, and Big Sean’s tape.


  10. Miszi

    As much as I believe in Kanye’s talent and I’m sure the album won’t dissapoint, if the tracklisting is indeed true then I need to ask:
    How much out of your f***ing mind do you have to be to have more songs with 2 Chainz than with Kid Cudi?


  11. YoungPereezy YMCMB-MMG Chapter 5

    Is That all G. Music has to Offer???
    Yeezy Try again!


  12. TRA

    I am looking forward to hearing Kanye West, Jay-Z, and Big Sean’s new song Clique, and I am looking forward to GOOD Music-Cruel Summer album. I hope there are more songs to GOOD Music-Cruel Summer album. Hopefully, the first tracklist we saw for this album was fake, and they added more songs to the album.



    Ya’ll are gonna feel dumb when the track list is real.

    Kanye’s favorite rapper is Ma$e so it all makes sense.


  14. Bapai Buliezeo 9-4-2013

    The Tracklist is Real Not fake and nice Cover


  15. Bapai Buliezeo 9-4-2013

    nice cover


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