Lyrica Anderson

Video: Lyrica Anderson – ‘I Might Like It (Diced Pineapples Remix)’

Timbaland protégée Lyrica Anderson serves up a sultry remix to Rick Ross’ “Diced Pineapples” entitled “I Might Like It.” The singer-songwriter, who is signed to Mosley Music Group/Interscope Records, will release her mixtape King Me on September 25. It features collaborations with Missy Elliott, Timbaland, Hit-Boy, and more. Whet your appetite with the first offering, below.

  • b2ser

    OK Ms Anderson, I like it.

  • Hassan

    This is amazing and totally not expected!!! It may not sound very difficult but delivering a good vocal performance over this type of production isn’t the easiest task. Lyrica did good!!

    #TeamLyrica ALLLLLLLL the way

  • Kyle

    She’s really pretty, and I like her look and sound. That was dope! I’ll be getting that Mixtape on Sep 25th!! #LyricaLover

  • Love

    Love it, glad she is showing off her vocals, you guys haven’t heard her blow for real though!!!

  • nik

    Luv this song!! This is my first time hearing this artist and I can’t wait 4 the mixtape.

    • vladica07

      @nik, I like it,too,Im hearing about her for the first time and Im definitely gonna google her,while I expect her mixtape :)

  • Jade

    This really goes… I can’t wait for her mixtape to release!

  • just.Curtis

    played it back to back…havent done that in a while. this is real cool.

    • anna garrett


      • anna garrett

        @anna garrett, loooooooo her he is sooooooo DOPE! Many BlesSings to come!!!

  • anna garrett

    @anna garrett,

    • anna garrett

      @anna garrett, Loooooove her! she is Sooooooooo DOPE! Many BlesSINGS TO COME!!!

  • Tophaz

    Hey Sistah Girl, Love IT!!! I will repost!

  • Gefrost

    Yea thats got to get some play hot young and sexi you better keep it on rotation u feel me!!!
    Love you lyrica keep it up boobie girl.

  • MusicJunkie

    This Was Dope Thoooo & Those Vocals Favor Aaliyah

  • thiskidwearscrowns

    Girly stuff!!!that’s that shit i don’t like!!she’s talented though..respect

  • J to the B down to the Abloc(liyah)

    prtty good song and Ive to hear more of her song

  • jms

    Mouth videos … ugh. Overused in this … I should look away and listen cause that SPOILED it.

  • Bri

    I am a music lover and not all lovely voices catch my attention unless it sounds like they have a story to tell and this is definitely fire! You go lyrica!

  • Brittany

    I love the song! I can definatly see myself bumping it and also it’s catchy very smooth flow plus you sound great as always :) so keep it up Lyrica with the hits and stay beautiful wish you well…..ya girl Brit Brat (wink wink) lol

  • Roxxii-D

    Mmooth and sexy. I can definitely relate. “I’m so scared that I might like it” It’s a great narrative and paints a great picture. From listening to the song I can actually visualize the situation, over and over again. I’ve been ther Lyrica. I tried it and liked it:) Looking for your mixtape on the 25th. My first Poster Calendar drops on the 29th. Check out my website