Ashanti to Executive Produce and Anchor ‘Fuse News’


Ashanti has a new day job. The R&B singer will executive produce and anchor Fuse’s new daily music show “Fuse News.”

The 30-minute program will air Monday through Fridays this fall and offer a daily breakdown of the latest music news in a fast-paced format from Fuse’s new state-of-the-art studio on 7th Avenue in New York City.

“Fuse News” will be produced by Fuse Studio in conjunction with Ashanti’s company Written Entertainment. The Grammy-winning star also co-wrote and sings the show’s theme song.

Ashanti will be joined by co-anchors Elaine Moran and Alexa Chung in New York, with West Coast anchor Jack Osbourne based in Los Angeles.

In addition to her new gig, Ashanti is readying her fifth album Braveheart for release on her own label Written Entertainment.

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  1. Kingofhearts

    Ill be tuning in fa sho love her !!!!!!!!!!!!!


    MinajRules2012 Reply:

    @Kingofhearts, Girl Ashanti good job!! See she knows she’s a has been and she’s getting her money some other way because she knows that music is not selling for her anymore. I saw go for it Ashanti. Shave those sideburns too before getting on air.


    factual Reply:

    @MinajRules2012, But she looks 100 times better than you do and i dont even know how you look. Seeing though you hate everyday im about 1000% sure you look like shit.


    Too Real Reply:

    @MinajRules2012, Ill be a has been as long as im getting paid i wouldnt give a fuk and i doubt ashanti does either. The music industry is fuked up anyway so give me other avenues to make money. Thats what a real hustler does. You aint about that life anyway so just sit your ass at the computer and hate :)


    da fox'z don Reply:

    @MinajRules2012, Ksayzee needs to shut da f*** up!!!


    J to the B down to the Abloc(liyah) Reply:

    @MinajRules2012, got damn Those ppl going Ham on your ass


  2. truth



    Beyonceland Reply:

    @truth, Congrat’s! Your too flawless not to have a job. You need new mamnagment b/c your are really dropping the ball on the promo. You have it in you. Get it together. Can’t wait to see the show!


  3. nymo

    cannot wait! love her


    CITY Reply:



  4. Twista

    So I guess this means her focus isn’t on getting that album out, eh?


  5. rnblover

    I’ll be watching!

    Kudos to Ashanti for executive producing the show!


  6. thecool

    That’s whats up. This a good look Ashanti


  7. Kingofhearts

    @minajrules2012 while ur sittin ur bum ass behind a computer screen hating….Ashanti will be on ur tv Monday-Friday collecting them checks…


  8. Diego

    This is the route flops like Ciara and brandy need to consider good job ashanti u have a plan b


  9. Kyle

    She has a good personality so I can see her being a TV anchor. In another 5-10 years I can eventually see her being an anchor on “Good Morning America” or the “Today Show.” LOL. I love her.


  10. ihatemyles

    she def has the personality to be a tv host….shes hilarious!!!!!!!!!


  11. jokesbb

    Ashanti is sooo smart in she is a paid Female N sexy as hell to……..She has more money than a lot of you guys fav Artist do your Homework


  12. shay

    @Kyle I agree she has that personality that makes you smile. Very personable.


  13. jokesbb

    Ashanti is on it HAHHA Haters


  14. The-Truth

    Ashanti is about her business. I love her. She sees the bigger picture


  15. Edgar C

    You go Ashanti. Love you!


  16. Richie Rolex

    Go check out to hear a clip of Richie Rolex’s New Single “Code of The Streets”. It will be available on iTunes and Amazon 9/11. Purchase it!!!!!


  17. J to the B down to the Abloc(liyah)

    good for her Cause she is Making more Money and About her Business GO AShanti


  18. a

    I feel so sorry for some people they love to hate. This girl is making soooooooooooooooo much money its ridico bitches hate all you want I love you Ashanti get yours mama. Sooooooooo beautiful Luv all the way from H-Town. Always number 1 in my book.


  19. Brina

    Yes I will be watching!!:)


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