Lauryn Hill

Lauryn Hill, 50 Cent, and Diddy Attend Chris Lighty’s Funeral

Lauryn Hill, 50 Cent, Diddy, and Nick Cannon gathered to pay their respects to Chris Lighty at a memorial service in New York City on Wednesday.

The mourners at Frank E. Campbell Funeral Chapel also included Missy Elliott, Fat Joe, Q-Tip, LL Cool J, Rev. Run, Russell Simmons, Michael Bivens, Wyclef Jean, Grandmaster Flash, and Gayle King.

The 44-year-old hip-hop mogul, who founded Violator Management, was found dead in his Bronx apartment last week after an apparent suicide.

According to the AP, Lighty was laid to rest in a dark suit, surrounded by white floral arrangements. A slide show depicting his life was shown on screen.

“He was somebody that gave me advice,” Maino told the New York Daily News. “I don’t like to see this. I don’t like to see families like this. We’re talking about a legend. He helped artists become superstars and moguls.”

He is survived by his 36-year-old wife Veronica, 17-year-old daughter, and 5-year-old son.


50 Cent

Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo

Nick Cannon

Chris Lighty Funeral

Photo credit: Splash News

  • TheTruth

    ……so sad, rip.

    • MinajRules2012

      @TheTruth, Lauryn Hill looked a MESSSSS!!! Omg Lauryn, looks like she was dressed as the Crypt Keeper for Halloween!! Girl, Lauryn you should’ve waited until October 31st to play costume dress up. Hot!!! I guess she’s doing it early since she’s going to Prison, they need to bury her a** under the Prison for looking so horrible. Has Been!

      • Fa

        @MinajRules2012, sick sad person get of this page and get a life. Lauryn is a fashion forward icon both in fashion and music a force to reckon with. Y
        ou are a sick sick sick person and always the first to comment on this page!
        Get a life…You need a professional treatment!
        Everytime you post somethin negative I will remember you to go and get help!

      • Fa

        @MinajRules2012, I bet her shoes cost as much as ur entire wardrobe!
        She has touche people with her music…what have you done? The only thing you ever touched is yourself…
        who else would want to be with someone so psychotic and negative!? LMAO

      • JussSayin


        Isnt that your favorites fave? .. OP … or was it Foxy?? and well we all know foxy was looking a mess hunny!

  • The-Truth

    How disrespectful of Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo to show up dressed like they’re going to the mall. Show some respect for the family and dress accordingly. I hate how hip hop culture has affected so many Black men to live, think, and act BASIC

    • C94B


      I agree. And at least Banks made an effort in sobriety. Yayo came with a Varsity jacket and a goddamn NY fitted cap.

    • Too Real

      @The-Truth, it looked like they were holding hands as if they were a couple smh

    • Kalin

      @The-Truth, Agreed!

  • The-Truth

    Lauryn Hill is finally looking like the Black Queen she truly is.

    • MinajRules2012

      @The-Truth, You need Glasses!!! Lauryn looked horrible, now SLAP yourself for telling that LIE!

      • Joe

        @MinajRules2012, U crazy Lauryn Hill got fashion on lock. She look good

      • lolo


        Lauryn looks good, she is fashion forward, Ms Hill is not gonna go around parading herself in mini skirts looking like a slut. She is no Nikki Garbage Minaj. I hate people who always look for faults in Lauryn when there is noen. Lauryn has never dressed like anyone from the Fugees and Miseducation days. She is more into African and European style of dressing, which we never see in most of the american celebrities.

  • Richie Rolex

    Chris Lighty a truly talented man, and one who will be missed.

  • Mrunhateable

    You know if u kill yourself u go to hell… Just saying

    • truthiz

      @Mrunhateable, you mean were not there already?

    • K.TO

      @Mrunhateable, You know we already live in hell on Earth… Only God could Judge and Right now GOD is pissed at our behaviour on Earth. Therefore he is choosing his army very wisely … So don’t talk what you do not know until your 6 feet under and can come back and let us know the real deal…. Foolio…

      • Mrunhateable

        @K.TO, a Christian is supposed to have the Lord in charge of their life and if someone decides that they can’t handle this life and they are going to end it prematurely, then they are basically “impeaching” the Lord and putting them self in charge of their destiny instead of trusting Him to see them through till He calls them home.

        1 Corinthians 6:19 Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; 20 you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your body.

        • Issa

          @Mrunhateable, If your self-righteous butt is so damn holy, then why the hell are you on a HIP-HOP site? Shut up. You make all Christians look bad. And, let’s be real here, Christianity is not the only religion in the world. Not everyone has to abide by it. For all we know, you may be praying to the “wrong” God.

        • K.TO

          @Mrunhateable, as a Christian myself, I know what the Bible says & We know what’s taking place right here on earth, From North America, Africa and the Middle East the entire world… I 2 was a former talent manager, top of my game came close… seeked the Lord so Hard I found him in my heart & mind… Not promoting suicide… Could it be possible that he is being Judged by the Lord? YES! “You will have ever lasting life” The body has exited the earth but his Spirit is in GODS Hands to be Judged!!! With Knowledge, Compassion & Understanding…

        • J to the B down to the Abloc(liyah)

          @Mrunhateable, you is moron & Dumbie

    • Sebastian

      @Mrunhateable, Show some respect!! You’re about to be just as bad as MinajRules2012

      • gqw

        @Sebastian, not all people believe in your superstitions and white jesus. just saying…

    • frank

      @Mrunhateable, religion can truly bring out the ugliness in people.

  • WonderLand19


  • JusSayin

    May he RIP.
    The ones who suffer the most are his children. May God be with them through these tough times.

    I also hear this is why Missy Elliott delayed her singles. Thought that was pretty cool of her!

  • pete

    tony yayo n banks no money to buy even a funeral suit,50 was not even near them,u see50 looking like a boss

  • Tevin

    So Yayo and Banks have money for worldly things, but they can’t buy a simple black suit?

  • Ayyy

    Banks and yayo keep it hood

  • gqw

    banks and yayo are losers

  • gqw

    these niggas yayo and banks couldnt even shave ffs

  • frank

    yayo and banks couldnt even shave what a disaster

  • pressed much?

    Who in the world shows up to a funeral in jeans?!?!

    • J to the B down to the Abloc(liyah)

      @pressed much?, some people do U just don’t know that

  • J to the B down to the Abloc(liyah)

    RIP and yall worrying about their Outfit so damn what they wear Rather U like it or not Shut up about it

  • Kam

    Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks look ridiculous. They couldn’t find a suit? 50 cent found a suit. Its time to grow up and start playing the role of a grown man.

    What next did they have a 40oz tucked away to pour on the grave and say “this is for my fallin homies”

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