New Music: Big Sean f/ Chris Brown – ‘Sellin’ Dreams’

Big Sean and Chris Brown

Big Sean and Chris Brown reunite on “Sellin’ Dreams,” one of the many collaborations off Sean’s new mixtape Detroit. The frequent collaborators find themselves in the middle of a sticky situation involving the women in their lives. “It might be too late for me to learn from my mistakes,” sings Chris on the piano-driven track, produced by Da Internz (“Birthday Cake”). The song also features vocals from CBE/Atlantic Records signee Sevyn.

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  1. Thereal

    Love this song! the mixtape is insane. better then finally famous


  2. Abdullah

    Wow finaly a sing with a meaning i thought sean only rap about asses :)) like ittttt


  3. YoungPereezy YMCMB-MMG Chapter 5

    Top 10: best collaborators
    1- Lil’ Wayne and Drake
    2- Lil’ Wayne and Chris Brown
    3- Big Sean and Chris Brown
    4- Meek Mill and Rick Ross
    5- Kanye West and Jay-Z
    6- Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj
    7- Tyga and Chris Brown
    8- Dj Khaled Rick Ross and Lil Wayne
    9- Tyga and Lil Wayne
    10- Lil Wayne and Birdman


  4. alijandro vargas

    Sick song


  5. Cranberry

    So many better songs on this mix tape than this trash. Try again, Rap Up. We DON’T use Fist anymore.


    Haters Stay Pressed! Reply:

    @Cranberry, Go to hell you ignorant bitch! Your dumbass has been going to different blogs hating on Chris for YEARS! Get a life & another hobby! Delusional hating ass bitch!


    Grant Reply:

    @Haters Stay Pressed!, You mad, though?


    Cranberry Reply:

    @Haters Stay Pressed!, you spend your day defending woman beaters and I’m delusional. Listen…


    Haters Stay Pressed!! Reply:

    @Cranberry, I don’t spend my life defending anyone but your pressed ass is ALWAYS stalking Chris Brown post hating! Get a fucking life! Chris is living his life, he’s happy & successful regardless of what pressed ignorant hating ass bitches like you have to say! Go die bitch!


  6. Nathan

    Finally a song where he’s NOT talking about “bad bitches,” “ass,” and “dick.”


  7. Jake

    Nice to hear a song where he’s NOT degrading women.


  8. SeanDon

    damnnn B I G…that track is straight firee!!!!
    so let that ishh burnnnnnnnnnnnn
    GOT DAMN “DETROIT” is bananas!


  9. B to the C down to the Man Orange

    on that Pic Chris Breezy Looking like WTF U lookin @, Nice Song


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