What You Didn’t See at the 2012 VMAs

Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, and Katy Perry

The VMAs are always known for creating sensational moments, whether it’s Kanye West crashing the stage during Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech or Beyoncé showing off her baby bump as a proud Jay-Z looked on. This year was no exception as Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose decided to go public with their baby news and Rihanna and Chris Brown hugged it out on-camera.

There were plenty of photos opps on and off stage. Drake chatted up Katy Perry, Chris Brown sat alongside Olympic gold medalist Aly Raisman, Drake, Nicki Minaj, and Lil Wayne held court in the front row, 2 Chainz met his “boo” Katy Perry, and Alicia Keys kicked it backstage with Gabby Douglas.

Check out some of the untelevised moments below.

Photo credit: MTV + Instagram

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  1. RDK



    iBzThuggin' Reply:

    @RDK, Since nobody is commenting to the fullest I will
    Rihanna – looks stunning and that cut is working she finally doesn’t look whorish
    Drake – looks stupid and quiet frankly I know people around my way that dress 100x better than him
    Chris Brown – is trying extremely to hard STOP
    Nicki Minaj – looks a hot&Cold mess sorry try again this is the VMAs NOT HOLLOWNESS
    2Chain – Kill Your self PLEASE
    Kevin Hart – Looking GOOOOOD
    AMBER & WIZ – needs to firer there styles !!! HOT MESS


  2. HeavyHeavy

    Wow Kesha is looking good. Drake looks a lil soft lol and chris looks a fool with the blue and blonde hair SMH!! Rihanna looks sexy as usual. But Nicki..well… -_-


    kelly Reply:

    @HeavyHeavy, Kesha looked like a whole new women…. I guess that what getting money dose for you…


  3. Yasmine

    Chris looks like a damn fool with the dyed hair. Katy and Rihanna looked stunning.
    Gabby did the damn thang…
    …..and, Drake’s speech was cute. Fine ass.


    rayane Reply:

    @Yasmne, drake is always sexy af :*


  4. Fenty Fierce

    wow ke$ha look like she got a shower and what not. she really clean up well, surprinsy i can somewhat take her seriously now if she keep up this look. haha Rihanna look stunning and very regal as always and her bestie Katy. Chris brown, congrats um hmmm not feeling the hair colour. i wish he clean up his act and actually try to look more mature and presentable. . nicki looks good although i’m not a fan, but you can’t lie the yellow wig look good on her. i love AK new look, i’m happy she change up this new era and her performance was really good. congrats to wiz and amber. haha glad 2 chains got his shine, enjoying the moment and all. congrats to drake and everyone who won an award.


  5. Jay

    I’m liking the haircut on Rih…sexy, sexy!!! I love Rihanna and Katy’s friendship! I almost didn’t even recognize Ke$ha. And my boy CB always killin! I thought I was seeing things last night, his hair is green on top. HA! Always stuntin :)


  6. Josh

    Ha katy and Rhi Rhi lookin like why is this fool takeing a picture with us


  7. Biggibenzo

    I need to wife up Rihanna asap after seeing these pics.I can see why Rocky grabbed it. When you so hot that you forget about the scary clown in the Halloween costume next to you, then you are doing something right. Oh, and you look hot too Katy. Glad you threw away the cotton candy hair.


  8. Kyle

    Alicia Keys looks amazing. Ke$ha looks good too!


  9. MEEET_

    I don’t know if it’s just me but it seems like if Beyoncé isn’t at an awards show it isn’t exciting lol…


    GURL Reply:

    @MEEET_, it’s just you.


    The World Reply:

    @GURL, Lol


    KaramelKisses Reply:

    @GURL, not really, it’s alot of people that feel the same way. Last year’s VMA show was the highest rated in the past 7 or 8 years of the show because the BIG 3 were performing … Adele, Beyonce & Lady Gaga. The rating report released earlier today stated that last night’s show was on par w/ previous years, just average ratings. But then again, when you have average performers what do you expect? Heard Chris didn’t perform which is a shame, why would you have that talent seated when he could be on stage. Of course Ri opened, she was a mess vocally (as to be expected). The only bright spot in last night’s show was Frank Ocean.


    Angela Reply:


    You’re right. It isn’t. I didn’t even know the VMA’S were coming on last night. -__-


    RealIssh Reply:

    @MEEET_, I agree 100% .


    d Reply:

    @MEEET_, TRRUUUUUU * 2 CHAINZ VOICE* lol bcuz Idk if iss juss me but I wont watch if shes not there even in the audience.


  10. Tamar

    Chris look a damn fool. A DAMN FOOL. THAT BLUE HAIR. UGH.
    I like what nicki wearing. Her hair is okay.
    Alicia looks SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO nice


    Good Motherfuckin Music Reply:

    @Tamar, no he doesnt,


    Frankie Reply:

    @Good Motherfuckin Music, Yes, he does.


  11. Truth

    Rihanna looked stunning just wow hands down most beautiful woman i have ever seen. The short hair looks really good on her.


  12. OMG

    Omg why did Rihanna cut her hair again?
    She looks like a Man!


    ATL32 Reply:

    @OMG, I thought the same thing…
    I think she wanna try look like that thirsty bitch frome LHHA… Joseline srrrpppppp.!
    Anyway i respect nicki minaj talents but some one has to call her out for that WACK ASS image she try to portaits..!! She look like a fuckin BARBIE doll ON CRACK..!!!
    Same thing for Chris Brown but CB loves them white lines YA DIG.,!!


    Ray Reply:

    @OMG, what do you mean cut, this is her natural hair why not rock it?


    Jessie Reply:

    @Ray, that was a wig hun… anybody who knows about hair could of looked at that and tell Rih was rocking a wig, it was cute doe


  13. vicki



  14. ria trust

    drake looks handsome could have worn a suit but still looks good luv him rihanna & katy looked great nicki crazy wild self alicia looks different but still gorgeous and gabby cute


  15. Hugh

    WTF with Chris’s hair!

    Great to see Gabby and Ally there.

    Kesha lookin great.


  16. Tbozfan10

    Y’all Chris browns hair is not blue on top. It’s just dyed bright bright blonde like platinum and it’s the lights shining on it making it look blue.


  17. @Jayrican18

    I bet Nicki wants to be in Rihanna & Katy’s clique sooo bad lol


  18. B to the C down to the Man Orange

    some of them Look like a Hot azz mess dressing and RihRIh & Katy, Keisha Dress Look Beautiful, Drake hot azz mess


  19. Stre3t Danc@



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