Wiz Khalifa on Becoming a Dad: ‘I’m on Top of the World’

Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose

Wiz Khalifa was on a natural high after confirming that he and fiancée Amber Rose are expecting their first child.

While presenting with Ke$ha at the VMAs, the Taylor Gang rapper revealed that Amber is due in six months.

“I’m feeling on top of the world right now,” a beaming Wiz told “E! News” on the red carpet. “There’s nobody who could do anything better than me.”

Amber is certain that Wiz will make a great father. “He’s amazing with me. He babies me all the time and he’s just a wonderful person,” she gushed. “He’s just a grown man. He smells like a man, he acts like a man, he just does manly things. He’s amazing. He’s gonna be an awesome dad.”

They are waiting until after the baby is born before tying the knot. “She told me she doesn’t want to be sick. She wants the baby to be at the wedding,” said Wiz. “She wants to enjoy it that day, so it’s all about what she wants.”

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  1. kelly

    And my dads says looks and sex cant get you anywhere…


  2. Peter



  3. Fenty Fierce

    wow amber really came a long way regardless of what people might say at the end of the day we are all human beings. congrats, i’m happy for them. it’s a blessing from god.


  4. Quest

    Hope it’s not a girl! Wouldn’t want her to grow up knowing her father thinks of women as “bitches” and “hoes.”


  5. KenBarbUK

    Lol I love how the writer said ‘wiz khslifa was on a natural high’


  6. Tamar

    They baby gonna have sooooooooooo much swag.


  7. Amy white

    Wiz & Amber are sooo cute together! That baby gonna be the flyestt baby I know. Baby gonna come out asking for a blunt. Ahaha


  8. vik

    they are sooo in love – i didn’t think i’d like them as a couple but the come off so perfect for each other – that is war love it about! go wiz!


  9. B to the C down to the Man Orange

    congrat to wiz & amber


  10. emanuel

    2 deddy


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