Video: Rick Ross f/ Elijah Blake – ‘Presidential’

Rick Ross

Rick Ross lives large in the video for “Presidential,” the Pharrell-produced cut off his album God Forgives, I Don’t. The DRE Films-directed clip opens with a sound bite from President Obama before a shirtless Rozay gives us a peek inside his lavish lifestyle. He flashes his pricey wristwear, parties with Diddy, and sails on a yacht with scantily-clad women. Join the Bawse’s campaign.

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  1. miles



    righterthanleft Reply:

    @miles, he sure has a bounteous bosom



    I just lost my appitite, idc how much money you have this shirtless shit has got to stop. get a bra!


    YoungPereezy YMCMB-MMG Chapter 5 Reply:

    @SLAYANNA, And u, get a life, cuz Rozay got his own.


    Neil Reply:

    @SLAYANNA, apparently, you’ve lost your literacy skills as well. The word is “appetite”.


  3. YoungPereezy YMCMB-MMG Chapter 5

    Ricky Rozay… Did Big as Always.
    2 Crews YMCMB MMG competition I don’t see any.


    Bane Reply:

    @YoungPereezy YMCMB-MMG Chapter 5, – Watch how the Math are gonna shut these clowns in 2013 and produce that REAL HIP HOP.


  4. Sharp Tongue

    I’m pretty sure they fuck with Rick about his boobs.


  5. Just google Kelsnetwork and see what happens

    rozay needs a bra for real….i mean just google kelsnetwork


  6. Le Duc de Torcy

    Miam, les grosses gougouttes !


  7. Super Man

    Relic 1 Year..)dk


  8. Nicki voting for mitt the twit

    Using President Obama’s voice over, does this mean he with the right team on the left? The math adds up on the left and Rozay continue to let it all hang out. Rozay gets an A for the idea of this song but an F for it’s content. It’s an eyesore. Still reducing women to an image of shallowness and so too the content of this bid. Rozay change have come and gone. This is so tired.


  9. Dre

    I Like The Video But I Feel Like He’s Rushing It And Not Making It The Best Visual And This Is My Favorite Song


  10. B to the C down to the Man Orange

    why do this video have worldstarhiphop website on here


  11. sarzy charlton

    beautiful this videos .rick ross thanks for the music .i am africains of ivory cost


  12. izersheitan

    supèr supèr supèr cool


  13. Lockvet

    @dre films do your thing like always do homie there’s no comp out here for you …all your videos are straight fire and @Ricky Rozay keep them albums coming all the videos are hot and for that comment @slayanna get a life and grow up .. That’s a Boss status something you won’t ever know…


  14. Yanty

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