Usher and Oprah

Usher Opens Up to Oprah on ‘Next Chapter’ [Sneak Peek]

Usher doesn’t hold back during his sit-down interview with Oprah Winfrey. The media mogul travels to the R&B superstar’s house in Atlanta for a candid conversation about his highly-publicized custody battle, breaking down on stage in Berlin, and being an absentee father. Plus, does he make love to his own music?

Usher speaks for the first and last time about some of these topics on “Oprah’s Next Chapter,” airing Sunday, September 16, at 9 p.m. on OWN.

Watch a sneak peek below.

  • Music Lover

    *grabs popcorn….. this gonna be good!

    Oprah not playing

    • anon

      @Music Lover, I love Usher, I want to s*ck his big D*ck so badly!!! I dream of his co*k in my tight booty!!!

      • Free Your Mind

        @anon, TMI!!!!!!!!!

      • Tbozfan10

        @anon, Lol god I love you

      • Tbozfan10

        @anon, You say exactly what you feel and don’t hold back (-:

      • Mentamir

        @anon, so unecessary.


    Boy I can’t wait to see this!!

  • Morgan

    LMAO. That damn music is something else, I swear. Looking forward to this though!!!

  • 100% TRUTH

    Oprah never had this many R&B and Rap celebrities on her show b4.

    Oh what the hell…. she never had this many BLACK people on her show before!!!!! Now that her ratings are pure sh9t, she wants to use her ppl to stay afloat. Next!!

    • Issa

      @100% TRUTH, I’m sure you’ll be watching, though. Oh.

    • lol @ your life

      @100% TRUTH, child please. she could buy you and sell you to the highest bidder.

  • Harpo

    Can’t wait!

  • Illmatic

    This might be interesting. She should interview Mariah Carey and Nick next, maybe? or Alicia Keys.

    • Be3000

      She should interview Tina Turner = ratings

      • Be3000

        @Be3000, Oh wait she has

  • Realist

    ohh shit, lmao Oprah ain’t playing around for these ratings boieeee


    Oprah needs to sit her ass down somewhere…she always trying to capitalize off someone elses “troubles” just for some attention on her Flop network…GIRL BYE.

    • coolio

      @GIRL BYE, oh no you did’n’t giiiiiirlll

    • Tbozfan10

      @GIRL BYE, I’m pretty sure she is sitting down fool.

  • Free Your Mind

    About time, was patiently awaiting on something/someone else to be interviewed since Rihanna (that was a great interview)! Now it’s Usher’s turn, definitely watching this one to know Usher on a personal level not just artistic!

  • Phoenix Wright

    Oprah got me on watching her channel, can’t like her Next Chapter interviews have been great

    • Phoenix Wright

      @Phoenix Wright, can’t lie*

  • Arno

    oprah u r the best!!!

  • justinAngel

    These “Next Chapter” segments have been great & all but damn, Oprah is nosy lol. Kelsey Grammer, Rihanna, The Kardashian/Jenner fam, Bobbi Kristina, Jennifer Hudson & now Usher. These celebrities have been pretty bold letting her all up in their Kool-Aid. Who’s next, Eminem? Chad Johnson? Frank Ocean? Lol, she reaching. She ain’t playing with those ratings. I guess I’ll be tuning in though.

  • A Realist

    Ooh I’m actually excited for this one.

  • B down to the C up in the Ivcy

    This interview gonna be Good