New Music: Travis Barker & Yelawolf (Psycho White) – ‘Push ‘Em’

Push 'Em

Travis Barker and Yelawolf come together to form the rock-rap duo Psycho White. The blink-182 drummer and Alabama rapper debut their first single “Push ‘Em” from their self-titled EP, due in late October/early November.

They recorded the five tracks over the past year-and-a-half. “It’s just an ill mash-up of ideas,” Yelawolf told KROQ. “This is all organically grown. We had no strings attached to this project whatsoever.”

Psycho White Tracklisting

1. “Push ‘Em” feat. Skinhead Rob, Tim Armstrong
2. “6 Feet Underground” feat. Tim Armstrong
3. “Funky Sh*t”
4. “Whistle Dixie”
5. “Director’s Cut”

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  2. Middlefinger

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  3. coolio

    Nice Artwork


  4. $tayTrippy

    Its different…… We’ll see how the whole project is……


  5. realhiphop



  6. Jay

    This is really different. Kinda feeling this. If I saw this performance live, I would probably be jumping around like a mad man. HA! The beat is crazy! For me, I gotta hear more from Yelawolf. Not really sure what I think about him. He’s good though. :)



    he reminds me of Andre 3000′s voice in OutKast


  8. mitcholos

    Tim Armstrong… Of Transplants… And Rancid I Think ? Righteous !! I Don’t Hear Him Though… Weird.


  9. vik



  10. b down to the C in the up Man Orange

    yo dope Rock Beat


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