Rap-Up TV: Kreayshawn Plots Azealia Banks Collaboration, Addresses Haters

Kreayshawn just wants everyone to get along. In Part 2 of our exclusive interview, the “Gucci Gucci” rapper calls for unity amongst her fellow females in the hip-hop community.

“The more we band together, we won’t be looked at as a rarity in hip-hop,” said the Bay Area native, whose debut album Somethin ‘Bout Kreay arrives Tuesday.

She’s already plotting a collaboration with Azealia Banks, who apologized for lashing out at her on Twitter. “It’s gonna have her crazy swag on it and it’s gonna have my swag on it,” said Kreay of their yet-to-be-recorded collabo. “It’s probably gonna be something that has to do with the ’90s since we’re both in love with ’90s style.”

Kreayshawn will hit the road with Rye Rye, Honey Cocaine, and Chippy Nonstop on her “Group Hug” tour this November. “I definitely wanted to do something for the girls and I think there’s so many females in the music game that we all kinda get separated from each other and it makes it seem like we’re less of an entity.”

But despite her positive message, not everyone is rooting for her. “A lot of people who hate on me are those weirdo bloggers who write extensive blogs about all this fake shit they made up, so I usually don’t read blogs,” she explained. “When people say stuff like, ‘You suck,’ I just be like, ‘You suck.’”

When she’s not in the studio, Kreayshawn is writing a book and planning for her future, which includes buying stock and saving for her kids’ college education. “I want to save money for my future so I can [have a] cushiony lifestyle.”

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  1. MinajRules2012

    Don’t waste your time, nobody wants to see Trailer Trash collaborate with Ms. poor Black and Ugly, A. Banks!! SIT!!


  2. GTFOH

    Pls don’t. The rap game needs NOTHING from either one of you FRAUDS.


    100% TRUTH Reply:

    @GTFOH, This trash hoe Kreyshawn must be related to one of the white people that run this site. It would def explain alot.


  3. CoolJ

    Seems like she toned WAY down from that hyped up Krey. I wish anyone that’s striving to succeed, much success.


  4. Chicago



  5. James

    I’m gonna feel bad when her album flops tho and she gets drop from her label cuz low record sells. she is pretty hot tho but she just won’t sell cuz of the whole v nasty thing that pop off to last year so………….


  6. .,

    Well i love to see female unity,but she is talking about haters and Banks is one of the biggest ones,Banks don’t like her,she is using her for whatever reasons i don’t know,so when banks is done with her are they have a misunderstanding what banks going to do jump iggy,kim,nicki are whoever else out there,kreay is being used and she don’t even see it.


  7. B down to the C up Man Orange

    Maybe she will or would go to college down the road in her Life and she don’t need to worry about the Bolgger since she know they talk trash about her so damn Badly. Nice interview


  8. kevin

    let’s face it…

    she was probably on a cocktail of meth, heroin and coke while speaking those words.



  9. Marta

    I’m so amused by your stgugrle. You can’t judge by webcam photos. They are always going to be hit and miss. The videos tell all, or better yet the vlogs and interviews. So you can see what she’s really like. WOULD SMASH. Might not tell anyone.


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