Usher Admits to Making Love to His Own Music


No question was off limits when Usher sat down with Oprah at his house in Atlanta for “Oprah’s Next Chapter.” In addition to opening up about his divorce and custody battle, Oprah posed the burning question: “Have you or do you make love to your own music?”

The “Climax” singer laughed before confessing, “Some may say this would be rather narcissistic, but yeah,” to which an amused Oprah responded, “If I were you, I would.”

During their sit-down interview, he also shared what he saw in Justin Bieber. “I saw a future of an artist that was very bright based off of his passion,” said Ursh of his 18-year-old protégé. “I saw the potential of success. It was really always left up to him and I always told him that.”

The full interview will air tomorrow at 9 p.m. on OWN.

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  1. Replay

    I would too lmao :D


    Yuck !! Reply:

    I really don’t like Usher’s mother.. Something is seriously wrong with her! She is a crazy, jealous petty woman who is “In Love” with her son! Sickening!


  2. miles

    He A G


  3. Pereezy YMCMB-MMG G.Music

    Popstars! No… Just Nooo


    Issa Reply:

    @Pereezy YMCMB-MMG G.Music, Pop calling the kettle black. He does pop and R&B, just as Nicki does pop and Rap.


  4. john

    Go back to r&b…


    King Size Reply:

    @john, never left


    coolio Reply:

    @john, lol you right


    Miles Reply:

    @john, He never stopped making r&b


    Cranberry Reply:

    @john, open your mind to something else…


  5. misty



  6. Realist

    i would ;)


  7. Ice

    Why is that unusual?


  8. August 4th Dear Sorriey Man Orange

    usher seem like a Good Mentor for Justin B and Nice INterview


  9. Liam

    Oprah’s laughter is so damn ratchet.


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