New Music: Hamilton Park f/ Meek Mill – ‘Suicide’


Hamilton Park gets turnt up with Meek Mill on their new single “Suicide.” The Atlanta crew, whose self-titled EP was released last year, pops bottles and kicks game to the ladies on the club banger. “Leave your girl ’round me, that’s suicide,” they boast, while the MMG MC delivers a flashy verse.

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  1. Asia

    I feel like I should know them from …. somewhere. Song is ok.


    Young Reply:

    @Asia, I feel like that too


  2. RP

    Ugh, smh. Guys, you’re singing 1 note through the whole song, how could you think this is good? The verses AND the chorus are the SAME note! I keep listening to make sure I’m hearing correctly. Someone please agree with me here. I was a big fan of your first records (“Thing Called Us” was amazing), but this is terrible!!


    chris shorts Reply:

    @RP, your right its pretty bad and all on the same basic note pretty much … i honestly cant help but hear trey songz singing this song idk y


    iBzThuggin' Reply:

    @RP, UMMH understand where your coming from
    Like always i gotta give a compliment first … Love the beat,, sick by the way

    The lyrics are just like all the lyrics Trey Songz be having !! SMH R&B is more than what they talking about ( clubbing,Liquor,Sex )


  3. Ice

    I thought they were promising on their debut single (even though I forget the name of that one, lol) but this is horrible.


  4. Slim

    Yall are crazy.. this shit is kinda dope! I wanna be in the club when this shit comes on.


  5. Lovey Dubby

    mmmm these boys r cute.. and they can get it! yuuup


  6. Rachel

    I agree with Slim! This shit goes in! I’ll be poppin’ bottles to that song every time I hear it in the club!!!!!!


  7. Shay

    I’m so proud of them ! This song goes hard !!!!!!!!!!!


  8. White & pinkie/diamondz h 9-30-2013

    the beat’s Dope I would Name this song ” Leave me da F Suicide alone”


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