Pitbull to Unleash ‘Global Warming’ in November


Pitbull is bringing the heat this fall. The Miami rapper is gearing up for the release of his seventh album Global Warming.

The follow-up to 2011’s Planet Pit was recorded around the globe and will be available worldwide on November 19. It features “Back in Time” from Men in Black III, the Shakira-assisted “Get It Started,” and his latest single “Don’t Stop the Party,” which Pit will perform on ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars” on September 25.

Mr. 305 plans to keep the party going on his “Planet Pit” world tour. After playing shows in Japan, Australia, Mexico, Canada, and Europe, the international trek will continue on September 27 in Panama before making its way to the U.S. at the end of the year.

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  1. TheNotoriousDJC

    Global Warning, this album will be terrible


    Raciel Reply:

    @TheNotoriousDJC, like all his albums/songs.


    Mr Nice Watch Reply:

    @Raciel, M.I.Am.I was good. thats it.


  2. C94B

    The aliens saw the human race playing that fucked up track on repeat and they said “let’s just put an end to this mothafucka a month earlier b”


  3. Issa



  4. Humz

    What a pedo face. 7th album? Looks like he’s been around for ages but of course no one knew because he SUCKS.


  5. i cant wait

    he will smash hard again.

    love pitbull.


  6. deelee

    this ugly ass dude need to GO SOMEWHERE. only people south of the border like him.


  7. HaterRaider

    No one likes you


    Unknown Reply:

    @HaterRaider, No one likes you as well, Hater. Keep going Pitbull.


  8. AllAmerykhanBoy

    Why does he deserve a post? He’s irrelevant


  9. Joyams

    I just cant take this anymore…


  10. pitbull is so sexy

    he is so talented…love his voice a lot.


  11. Oh God Why

    Please why must this happen!!???


  12. Chimajii

    Only heaven knows why there is so much gloat amongst human beings……*smh*


  13. White & pinkie/diamondz h 9-30-2013

    oh my Lord Mercy What the heck is this world coming to. pitbull u can do better then that


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