Missy Elliott Talks New Album, Remembers Chris Lighty on ‘106 & Park’

Missy Elliott

Missy Elliott received a warm welcome when she returned to “106 & Park” minus her partner-in-rhyme Timbaland, who was stuck in traffic. Decked out in a spike-covered jacket, Misdemeanor chatted about her new singles “9th Inning” and “Triple Threat” and upcoming album.

“Missy then was 10 years ahead and Missy now is 10 years ahead, so nothing’s really changed as far as Missy is concerned,” she told Rocsi. “I’m futuristic. I’ma bring 2050 in the year 2012.”

For the new project, the dynamic duo returned to Virginia, where they recorded Missy’s 1997 debut Supa Dupa Fly. “People be like, ‘Welcome back. We glad you back,’” said Missy. “This will say we never left. This album is crazy! There’s nothing like it.”

She also shared memories of her late friend and manager Chris Lighty. “Words can’t describe this man. He was a go-getter,” she said of the Violator founder. “He wanted to see all of us make it and be successful. He built so many careers, not just Missy Elliott. There was Busta, there was LL, there was 50—so many, Mariah.”

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  1. truth(the one and only u bitch)



    101 Reply:

    I really can’t wait for the song with Kim !!!


    Pereezy YMCMB-MMG Reply:

    @truth(the one and only u bitch), LOL, u gotta be kiddin’ me! There is no space for them anymore.
    Nicki and Iggy got the crown
    clak clak bang bang we in the murda bizness


    JussSaying Reply:

    @Pereezy YMCMB-MMG,

    Lmao crown of what?
    Having a Grammy?
    Being The Richest Female Rapper?
    Having All Platinum Albums?
    Having A Double Platinum Album?
    Being the Best Selling Female Rapper?
    Being a Producer?
    Being a Writer?
    Being a TRUE singer?
    Being in the game 20 years?
    Make hits for legends?
    Having Her own clothes Line?
    Change Music?
    Being Different?
    Not having to rely on tits and ass to make hits?
    Having a #1 song on the charts for 18 weeks?

    LMAO Missy owns the Crown to ALL that boo boo.. Your fave is hot now and has had couple # 1 hits. She may continue rising or she can fall down any day. So please.. get it together.


    Bougie Kid Reply:

    @JussSaying @Pereezy YMCMB-MMG, I’m go need you both to get it together. This is a Missy post and keep it that way. I can clock 10 of your questions effortlessly.


  2. ugh

    ppl need to stop saying femcees are coming back everyone is lacking but if there is one female that everyone can count on to come back its missy all the other old ones are not gonna be able to come hard like missy teamminaj all day but im supporting missy cause kim eve all them are no longer serious bout there work


    coMeATmeBRO Reply:

    @ugh, And how would you know they’re not serious about their work? Kim and Missy both took a little break around the sametime.

    Kim already was on 106 this year, she performed on “Rip The Runway”, went on her own tour(which Missy was apart of, as well as Eve), and she performed at fashion week.

    Eve is also starring in a new movie.
    Just because Missy released her stuff 1st doesn’t mean the others aren’t serious.

    All 3 are taking over, JUST WAIT AND SEE.


  3. boom boom

    Queen has RETURNED.





  5. Dave

    Yes, the QUEEN is HERE! Everybody will deal


  6. Easy Street

    So happy Missys back. Nicki Minaj is the reason i no longer listen to the radio they play this bitch song every 30 minutes wack ass Starships fuk outta here. Missy can sell records without selling out. Always sticks to the same formula and being innovative in music while the acts of today follow trends.


  7. Fact

    Missys backk!!!!! Classic records for days. Somebody name me a Nicki Minaj song that can be considered “Classic” 10 years from now? Dont worry…..Ill Wait (Missy Voice)


    Jj Reply:

    @Fact, Missy Elliot CAN’T even rap! Yeah I said it


    Fact Reply:

    @Jj, You obviously dont have ears.


  8. Ice

    I just love Missy’s whole aura and personality, she’s always been so real.


  9. Cassive

    She looks so different.


    Will Reply:

    @Cassive, She has Graves Disease. It caused her eyes to bulge out her sockets thats why she looks like that now but she said she beat it and doesnt have to taken medication anymore.


  10. Will

    Missy is hands down the Queen of Hip Hop and by far the best female rapper to ever do it. Going off changing the sound of music, being innovative, making the best music videos, live performances nobody is touching her point blank period. When u get into the music business that is what you aim for changing music and having your own style that can forever be remembered and for the best reasons possible not for being a gimmick. Get Your Freak on is Missys “Thriller”. I wish she had gotten the chance to work with MJ before he passed it would have been EPIC!!!


  11. k-thai

    You lil b*tches take notes this is the real QUEEN of HIP HOP!!! AlWAYS BEEN ALWAYS WILL BE !!! she’s a real artist!!! Missy changed the game before and she will do it again !! JUST WATCH !!!


  12. Orlando



  13. TheHomieFabricePancrate

    Hope she’s got more than 9th and Triple Threat…


    truth Reply:

    @TheHomieFabricePancrate, obviously. If Missy said that her new album is crazy its gonna be crazy. She said theres nothing like it. I have high expectations for this album but i know for sure people wont be disappointed.


  14. Andy

    Why is everyone talking about the clone !! This post is about Missy “ misdemeanor ” Elliot Post Gosh !!


  15. White & pinkie/diamondz h 9-30-2013

    Nice interview,


  16. Youssef

    - LOVING it!!! Fantastic work Jay!!! It looks like it was not only a beutiaful day but a beutiaful wedding. Wishing Gabe & Missy all the best!! xoxxoxo


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