Video: Shanell – ‘Touch Me Daddy’


Shanell tempts and teases in the video for “Touch Me Daddy,” a cut off her mixtape Nobody’s Bitch. The Young Money seductress gets showered in bananas, dines with a teddy bear, and rides a rocking horse all in four minutes. She contorts her body and wears caution tape while working her charm on the fellas. Fall head over heels for Ms. Shanell.

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  1. Humberto

    “Touch” Me Daddy, hun?

    The track is as hot as her whole mixtape.


  2. Im Me

    I actually like Karlie Redd, i mean Shanell.


  3. me

    isn’t this the woman who was complaining that hoes are winning?

    but she is acting like a hoe now and spreading a hoe mentality. how hypocritical


  4. KeepItReal

    she is just one of many artist on YM who is just taking up space on the bench. she’ll NEVER release an album nor would she put out any award winning/chart topping material


  5. andrea



  6. CONFUSED....... O_o

    Isn’t this Alycia Bella’s song off her “Girl, Interrupted” mixtape???

    Rap-up, find out for me!

    I like Alycia Bella’s version MUCH better…….!


    trent Reply:

    @CONFUSED……. O_o, Yesss it is i said the same thing when i heard it something isn’t right who’s song is it really??


  7. Aiyisha

    I’m loving this video. Shanell is so talented it’s ridiculous. Keep the hotness coming Rap-Up


  8. Sexy as Hell

    Shanell is beautiful, can dance and has a great voice. This video is killer.


  9. Brittpie

    Best part of the song is the bridge


  10. valerie

    Yikes, I wonder if her dad has listened to this song…


  11. poe

    this was stupid as fukc…but i love the song!


  12. abdullah

    underrated talent


  13. misty

    her face is too masculine for my taste….she’s got sum pretty cool ideas for her visuals, but maybe on another girl who looks more innocent bcuz she looks like an old pro hookah!!!


  14. White & pinkie/diamondz h 9-30-2013

    it will take her maybe two or a year to release her first album or longer then that. Bad taste music


  15. Javis

    I actually like it n glad its a cleaner version 2 it lol


  16. mz. spicy

    I cnt help but like this what i like about shanell is her creativity u never kno how her video will b. she is so unique n has thw whole i luv her :)


  17. HYFR

    i can totally hear her and azealia banks on a song together


  18. K down to the C up town Breezy boyie

    fail bad taste in her Song


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