Kendrick Lamar Brings Out Drake in Toronto [Video]

Drake and Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar made his way to Toronto’s Sound Academy on Wednesday night on the “BET Music Matters” tour. After linking with J. Cole in North Carolina, Compton’s new king showed love to his Canadian fans by bringing out another hometown superstar.

“Let me play some of my favorite motherfu**in’ shit, some shit that I like to rock with when I’m in Cali, some shit that I definitely like to rock with when I’m cruisin’ through the motherfu**in’ streets,” said Kendrick before Drizzy appeared on stage to perform “HYFR.”

Check out iPhone-filmed footage of the moment below.

[Miss Info via Word on Road]

Photo credit: Future the Prince

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  1. da fan

    YMCMB/OVO…FOREVER……and Aftermath for life


    Karruche Will Never Be Rihanna Reply:

    @da fan,

    It shoulda been called, “REAL BRINGS OUT FAKE.”


    da fan Reply:

    @Karruche Will Never Be Rihanna, wat fake abt some one who wears lame pants and sweaters. If he is fake he must be real cos his realy good at it. means he fooled over 5000000 million pepole around the world…….#stop hating# next Kendrick is gonna blow, then u gonna start hatin on him. Like they say, “you nobody until u hv haters”


    Pure Reply:

    @da fan,


  2. trillafood

    F*ck Drake


  3. Piratus

    DMX 4 life


  4. freshed

    funny he performed HYFR on stage with kendrick. I always thought drake swagg-jacked k dot’s flow from RIGAMORTUS on HYFR. or at least tried


  5. kelloz pinkie/white drkae

    their fans love them nice performance


  6. Soumaya

    I went and saw the movie myself and LOVED it! I cried solooo much! My fav. part was when the Dad and the girl went out for a date and he gave her that ring! I love how it is all based on trust and how young men need to consult with our fathers first!


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