New Music: Soundz – ‘Hunger Over Thirst, Vol. 1’ [Mixtape]

Hunger Over Thirst, Vol. 1

Soundz has crafted hits for everyone from Ciara to Justin Bieber, and now he showcases his body of work on his first mixtape Hunger Over Thirst, Vol. 1, hosted by DJ Orator. The Grammy-nominated producer, who is part of Tricky Stewart’s RedZone Entertainment, assembles 21 tracks with appearances from Rihanna, Big Sean, Diggy Simmons, Justin Bieber, and RedZone signee Bryan J (“Werkin”), along with his artists Chantel and Young Skoop. Download/stream below.

Download: Soundz – Hunger Over Thirst, Vol. 1

Hunger Over Thirst, Vol. 1 Tracklisting

1. DJ Orator Speaks
2. “Feel the Base” – Jeremih
3. “Been There” – Young Skoop
4. “Milly Vanilly” – Cartie
5. “She Won’t Let Me Go” – Travis Porter
6. “Deez Heauxes” – Young Skoop feat. Cartie & Ty $
7. “Werkin’” – Bryan J
8. “Skin” – Rihanna
9. “Out of Town Girl” – Justin Bieber
10. “4 Letter Word” – Diggy
11. “Intermission” – DJ Orator Speaks
12. “The Streets Love Me” – Cartie
13. “Major League Pimps” – Young Skoop & AL G
14. “Nothing On Me” – Chantel
15. “Red Cup” – Young Skoop
16. “Ain’t My Fault” – Travis Porter
17. “MSG” – Diggy
18. “Link Up” – Young Skoop feat. AL G & The Coolimac
19. “Sending My Love” – Chantel
20. “Outro” – DJ Orator Speaks
21. “Bonus Interview” – Soundz

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    Oop, where’s that Ciara track?


    HeavyHeavy Reply:

    @DSTROCK, Thats what i was thinking..Epic must of not been happy with track and rather have it as just a leak. Who knows?!?!


  2. trillafood

    Feel The Bass is my jam!


  3. richie

    ciaras song is called sophmore it been leaked no biggy. she has sorry so who cares lol


  4. TreyS

    Out of town girl is one of the best songs i’ve heard this year…
    feel the bass>>>


  5. beyness

    Where tha fuck is Ciara lol that’s the only reason I’m even checking for soundz


  6. Sandy101

    Um, where’s Ciara’s “Sophomore”??? that song is crack!


  7. k down to the C up town breezy boyieee

    Where is the Ciara Track Song that he Proucder it was It “Sorry” or Sophomore


  8. Javis

    I really dig tis tape for except of few like t. lame a** porter but tis shud b on livemixtapes


  9. chris shorts

    wait he “soundz” Produced Skin …. Fuckin Love THat SONG SO SORRY ONE OF THE BEST SONGS EVER HE DID THAT honestly .. .im a crazy ass rihanna fan but didnt know he did the production of this until now… #KILLEDit


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