Prince Joins Mary J. Blige at iHeartRadio Music Festival [Video]

Prince and Mary J. Blige

Mary J. Blige welcomed a royal guest during her performance on Day 2 of the iHeartRadio Music Festival in Las Vegas. Four songs into her set, the Queen of Hip-Hop Soul stopped short of playing Chaka Khan’s “Sweet Thing” to introduce Prince.

“I got a real good friend in the building,” said Mary to roaring applause. “He’s one of the most amazing artists to ever walk the earth.”

The pop icon didn’t say a word, sporting gold glasses, yellow bellbottoms, and an afro as he took the stage. He picked up his guitar and helped Mary and her band finish their Chaka Khan cover.

They also dueted on his song, “Nothing Compares 2 U,” as an astonished Mary looked on.

“I know you have to be very particular about who you be messing with,” she said before bowing to her legendary friend.

[Yahoo! Music]

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  1. Diego

    Queen Mary still doing it big I love Mjb


    MinajQueenofAmericanIdol Reply:

    @Diego, Horrible. Prince looks like a complete FOOL!!!!!! When will he just come out and say he’s a H*mosexual….


    Diego Reply:

    @MinajQueenofAmericanIdol, Why are u talking shit to me u are a Nikki Minaj fan so u wouldn’t understand the power of prince or Mary j u like gimmicks who won’t see half of the success Mary and prince have seen in their careers go take ya damn Meds crazy ass


    ok Reply:

    @Diego, preach


    Ramon Reply:

    @MinajQueenofAmericanIdol, Bitch, sit! Prince is that nigga! Dude was fucking Sheila E, Apollonia and Vanity morning, noon and night!


    Fa Reply:

    @MinajQueenofAmericanIdol, you can kiss my hairy as!
    How about that!?
    How dare you being disrespectful towards one of the most talented influencial men in music ever?
    He wouldn’t f%$¬£ you even if you paid him to do you!
    He has more talent than your whole family and the ones they create! Until the end of time!
    Minaje , Kim CLONE CLOWN ,whoever she might be cause I needed to googel her huge ass, does not look like a bloated drag queen playing the lead in a cheap act in Tijuana?
    Now sit down…There is a dick waiting for you to do so!


    k down to the C up town breezy boyieee Reply:

    @MinajQueenofAmericanIdol, salope Shut up U dumbie Trap bum whore sluty Like your mama


  2. Don'tDoMe



  3. platics



    grant Reply:

    @platics, LMFAO she did seem a lil wasted.


  4. Morgan

    Prince and that damn Florida Evans afro is NOT the business!!


  5. jms

    Love Prince and the afro! :D


  6. D.p.

    prince still got don’t understand dem clothes. smdh.


  7. Leaveit2me

    Prince, AARP is on the phone for you.


  8. k down to the C up town breezy boyieee

    Nice performance With Prince & Mary J B


  9. FeeTyson

    You can’t be serious or believe your own b.s.? Prince is legendary in any & all centuries to come. You can go ahead with the hating, Prince & MJ belong in a class all by themselves. Young lady, I see you don’t know a thing about talent, and even less about musical genius’ and thats unfortunate.


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