Behind the Video: Solange – ‘Losing You’


Solange invites her friends over for a house party in the vibrant teaser for her new single “Losing You.” The fashionista rocks Suno, Kenzo, DVF, and J. Crew in the clip, which was inspired by the 1995 movie Clueless.

“We’re playing a typical party game called ‘Suck and Blow.’ It was based on something Solange had seen in Clueless,” said director Alan Del Rio Ortiz. “She just really liked the idea of having her friends together in a room. We tried to find an interesting way to connect everyone and bring them together to show that this is her new style, her new look, her new sound. It’s kind of a reintroduction to her work.”

The film is one of her favorites. “If you haven’t seen Clueless, it will change your life. It’s such an iconic moment in time, especially for my generation,” said the 26-year-old singer.

Solange’s last album SoL-AngeL and The Hadley St. Dreams was released in 2008. “It’s been about three or fours years since I’ve put out music, so I just want to set up the project with a great visual,” she told MTV Style.

Penned by Solange and Dev Hynes and produced by Blood Orange, “Losing You” will be released digitally on October 2 via Terrible Records. Go behind the scenes below and watch the teaser here.

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  1. janair

    Terrible Records?? Hmm. Anywho…I love Solange n her last album. Can’t wait to check out her new looks n music. Keep duin ya thang girl.


    Truth Reply:

    @janair, I just cant deal with Terrible records hahahaa


    k down to the c up town boyieee Reply:

    @Truth, LoL


  2. Ray

    omg I hate how she talks, her voice is so bitchy.


  3. Meme

    I’m really really feelin this. It just feels authentic and I love the fact that she’s using real artist. I’m near tears how much I appreciate this.

    I agree with the comment above solange does come off as a bitch.


  4. Yo

    I don’t understand why she comes off as condescending or superior. She never talked in that type of tone of voice before. Look at her previous interviews. Hmm.


    XOXO Reply:

    @Yo, Well, the voice can and does change over time as you get older and exposure to different people, cultures/ environments, and regional dialects/accents can have an affect as well. I mean, Eve doesn’t exactly talk like the hood chick straight from Philly anymore either. E-v-e now talks like the hollywood rich chick who’s lived in California for years….and just like Eve, Solange lived there for years after leaving Houston, and probably “adapted”. I actually saw an interview from Solange back in 2010 where she was discussing her life in L.A. and she sounded like this, so I wouldn’t say she’s NEVER talked like this before, maybe you just haven’t heard her interviewed in a long time. Same goes for her sister…watch those early DC interviews and you’ll notice that Beyonce’s voice changed a bit over the years and her accent isn’t as thick as it was in the days when they were all straight from Houston….I would never say that it isn’t still southern, but it certainly is a restrained, “adapted” version of what it once was for sure.


    meme Reply:

    @Yo, i have ti disagree. she always spoke that way. always. I remember seeing a episode of cribs from like 2000, she was about 15…and she had the same attitude.


    XOXO Reply:

    @meme, If that isn’t a throwback! Almost forgot about Cribs and 15 year old Solange, lol! I wonder if they got some episodes on youtube somewhere….

    And I’m sure Solange can be a “bitch”, all of us can, but she’s probably pretty nice too. I mean, that’s just basic human stuff. Shit, me and you could be considered devilish, too, if everything we say or feel doesn’t adhere to the “perfect, little, nicer than an angel, robot with no feelings” image Beyonce portrays in public all the time….well, these days, cause she had her “bitchy” moments post DC break-up too. Remember that Vibe mag interview? Lol.

    Oops. Did I say that? I better chill before the super stans find me, lol.

    Anyway, I’m off to find those Crib episodes, thanks for reminding me!! I loved Ja Rule’s, lmaooo!


  5. Truth

    Terrible Records??? No Comment


  6. Replenish

    This looks interesting, can’t wait


  7. XOXO

    Hadley was a good album.

    I’m looking forward to this song and video. October roll on.


  8. Real

    hmm.. Solange Knowles must work with David Guetta together to have a big career , like Kelly Rowland!


  9. k down to the c up town boyieee

    nice sneak peek video


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