New Music: Lyrica Anderson – ‘King Me’ [Mixtape]

King Me

Lyrica Anderson has penned songs for singers including Demi Lovato and Charice, and now she steps out from the shadows with her first mixtape King Me. Signed to Mosley Music Group/Interscope Records, the singer-songwriter serves up 11 tracks including collaborations with Timbaland, J-Doe, and A1. A version of “Mixtape” without Missy Elliott also makes the cut, along with her remix to Rick Ross’ “Diced Pineapples.” Find out what the buzz is all about.

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  1. @DavidStripped

    reminds me so much of 90s music i love it. Timbaland did well by signing her. ;)


  2. MmmHmm



  3. Balenciaga

    I needed this!!! She’s DOPE!!’


  4. joey

    “mixtape” is dope, and so is missys verse. the entire tape is worth the download


  5. Brian

    Timbaland is amazing!


  6. Redfox

    i like this ;)


  7. Jstamir didn’t expect this! beats are amazing , she has a blazing voice . Timbaland is doing good..very good


  8. umm

    Her voice reminds me of Jojo, she’s dope though.


  9. SlowJamz

    Reminds me too much of Keri Hilson! I hope Keri’s new album don’t sound like this! Not sayin this is bad, but it sounds like old Keri!


  10. Rain

    She is like a female version of Drake.. In a good way


  11. #YouWILLDeal

    Thus mixtape was worth the wait and download


  12. k down to the c up town boyieee

    those song are pretty good music and I don’t know if too many people know who she is


  13. psychmorph

    ceiling/surrender/pill/mixtape r all dope rhythms n dis is my jam, all day all night, timbo did gr8 job signing sucha brilliant extravagantly talented songstress, looking forward for more work from her, keep it up girl, she so original…!!


  14. El Duque

    Wow this is pretty incredible. I never heard of her, I’ll have to look to see what else she has out.


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