Trey Songz Campaigns for Obama in Virginia

Trey Songz

BeyoncĂ©, Jay-Z, and Alicia Keys have all shown their support for President Obama by campaigning for him and hosting fundraisers in his honor. Trey Songz was the latest star to pitch in for the President’s re-election at his “Gotta Vote” concert in Richmond, Virginia, last month. The “Heart Attack” singer drew more than 1,200 supporters at the event, which promoted voter education and voter registration.

“I feel it is my duty to encourage and educate my fan base, especially here at home, about the importance of their vote,” said Trey. “The Gotta Vote Concert is about us coming together, making our voices heard, and giving our President another four years.”

See Trey get the word out and flip the lyrics to “Gotta Go” for Obama.

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  1. Shutterbug

    Whoever wins…America loses…Obama just said “I can’t fix Washington from the inside” four years after that YES WE CAN…of course, Romney’s not going to change anything either.

    GARY JOHNSON gets my vote…it’s ABOUT TIME a THIRD PARTY got in!


    Trace Reply:

    @Shutterbug, Idiot. Just go listen to your Rita Ora cd, crab nigga.


    Yasmine Reply:

    @Shutterbug, “Stop it. This is hard. You want to try it? Get in the ring!” -Ann Romney


  2. blackswan

    I just saw a video of Romney saying the same thing in 2007 about not being able to change Washington from the inside and now he saying that Obama at fault for saying it when he did as well politics these days


    Shutterbug Reply:

    @blackswan, That’s why I say BOTH are wrong.

    GARY JOHNSON 2012-time we get a LIBERTARIAN to REALLY change things!


  3. Jay-Z

    obama the best


  4. aaliyah

    Virginia is a swing state so I hope this helps……


    chelly Reply:

    @aaliyah, virginia is heavingly leading towards Pres. Obama now and he won the state in 2008.. hopefully his lead will remain..Its always a plus to mobilize young voters and im glad trey was out there doing just that.


  5. Morgan

    Obama-Biden 2012!!


  6. k down to the c up town boyieee

    Guess people gonna vote for whoever is the President’s of 2013 BABY. Nice interview Trey SOngz


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