Ester Dean Enlists Missy Elliott for First Single

Ester Dean

Ester Dean has written for megastars including BeyoncĂ©, Rihanna, and Katy Perry, and now she’s calling on one of her own musical inspirations. The platinum hitmaker has collaborated with Missy Elliott on the first single off her upcoming debut.

The Oklahoma native plans to release two singles from her album. “I have a single for overseas and I have song for here,” she told ESSENCE.

The U.S. single is called “How You Love It” and features Missy. “Thank you 4 blessing me with an amazing blue print,” Ester told her idol, who responded, “I’m Humbly Grateful! HYLI is a Club banger!”

She is leaning towards Story Never Told as the title of the project. “I’ve said a lot of things and a lot of people have heard the words I’ve said, but it’s a story never told,” explained Ester. “They don’t understand what I meant by those words because they were always given out through a different source. What I meant by those songs never got told.”

Earlier this year, she gave fans a taste with the Missy-inspired record “Bam Bam” and a leaked collaboration with Nicki Minaj called “Gimmie Money.”

Ester will make her big-screen debut in the musical comedy Pitch Perfect, in theaters nationwide on October 5.

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  1. @josephKILLS

    Chopsticks… You know we dont give a fork!

    I’m ready for this. Release date please?


  2. #$#$%%$%%^%^^*&*&^$$@###

    easter eggs


  3. 2bad2bme

    ok lets see whats goin on bitch…u betta work


  4. kylerspre

    This Ho* don’t know which way to turn out here in these streets she shouldjust stay behind the scene


  5. Jay

    Sweet! I think they should collaborated together well. I’m excited about seeing that movie Pitch Perfect. It looks hilarious! :)


  6. joey

    i think everyone saw this coming, both are very talented


  7. HeavyHeavy

    I thought gimmie money was gonna be her first single. I would prefer to see a single by herself though. Let people know you for you and not the features.


  8. Oh Please

    Im not feeling this chick as an artist.


  9. me

    Stay behind the scenes!


  10. ronie

    Nice! She reminds me of Missy, of our time.


  11. MmmHmm



  12. Tariq

    Yall were feeling her when she wrote the hook for Super Bass for Nicki Minaj tho… Yall clowns are full of bull.


    mj Reply:

    @Tariq, I second that that statement


  13. chris shorts

    shes a great artist shes a real “ARTIST” i cant wait i love rio i loved gimmie money and i love everything shes penned … shes dope


  14. Dan

    Can’t wait! Ester dean is great


  15. k down to the c up town boyieee

    This is My Frist time hearing about her working with Missy Elliot and can’t wait to see What she is bring into the song


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