New Music: Mario – ‘Killa’


It’s been three years since Mario released his last album, but he once again commands your attention with his latest record “Killa,” produced by Glass John. Over a hypnotic beat, the R&B crooner feeds his addiction to a woman who he just can’t resist.

“With ‘Killa’ I wanted 2 articulate that special something that men wish all women had & the thing that some women are proud 2 know they possess,” explained Mario, who is working on his fifth album for release on RCA Records.

The song represents a new chapter for Mario. “New ideas… New sound… New bank… New melodies… New ladies… New perspective.”

[MTV Buzzworthy]

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  1. Dardo



    KingBey Reply:

    @Dardo, ditto o_O he needs to hang it up already.


  2. Dante

    Mario is underrated
    but this song…. if its the single i don’t get why… an album worth of songs leaked since his last album and they were all good. this is just ok. his team or his label isn’t doing a good job at all… he couldve definitely had an album out with “My Bed” and “The Walls” handled properly and it wouldve been up there with Usher’s album and much better than the R&B (Chris Brown, Trey Songz, Ne-Yo etc) we have out now…


  3. chris

    Computer Love is WAAAAAY BETTER


  4. Girlboom

    ……… The Dream – era expired in 2009. KThanxBYE


  5. Pereezy YMCMB MMG

    Flop Flop Flop, again again and again


    Victoria Reply:

    @Pereezy YMCMB MMG, I know you aren’t talking!


  6. Ice

    I like it, especially the R. Kelly sample. Not the greatest or most innovative song, but it’s smooth.


  7. Jay

    It’s ok. Kinda sounds more like a demo track. I just love when Mario shows his vocal skills more. Dude, can seriously sang! I did love the song he did a few years ago, Break Up. Also, his album Go was one of my favorites. :)


  8. Jessi

    Mario is so dope


  9. D. KELLS

    Paying respects to the KING OF R&B Kells I respect you for that Mario and I like this song. It’s time for an album to drop.


  10. Triniti

    Beautiful! I’ve always loved his voice and preferred him to the other R&B guys like Trey and Chris. I was wondering what happened to Mario.


  11. Sizzurp Sky

    the picture it’s kinda a The Weeknd cover style


    ewghw Reply:

    @Sizzurp Sky, reaching


  12. Dreamteam

    Basically Trey Songz took this dudes place in success but did people forget that Mario had one of the biggest radio hits ever with “Let Me Love You”. Mario is very underrated


  13. ice boy

    mann this song is amazing . light some candles, get a bottle of honey jack, ya chick and its on


  14. K down to the C up Town Boyiee

    don’t know IF this song is gonna Be Play on the Radio and IT Alriht song


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