50 Cent and Fat Joe Share the Stage at BET Hip Hop Awards

50 Cent, Busta Rhymes, Phife Dawg, and Fat Joe

While Rick Ross and Young Jeezy were brawling backstage, 50 Cent and Fat Joe were making peace onstage. The notorious rivals squashed their beef at the BET Hip Hop Awards.

Both rappers came together during a tribute to Violator manager Chris Lighty, who passed away last month after an apparent suicide. Missy Elliott, Busta Rhymes, Diggy Simmons, and A Tribe Called Quest also took part in the performance at the Boisfeuillet Jones Atlanta Civic Center in Atlanta.

One fan applauded 50 for burying the beef. “Thanks Chris would have wanted joe there,” he responded.

The performance may have even opened the door to a collaboration. “Now that @50cent & fatjoe squashed things a dope collabo would be nice,” tweeted one fan, to which 50 replied, “Ill check it out.”

Watch them unite when the BET Hip Hop Awards airs on October 9 at 8 p.m.

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  1. MmmHmm



  2. misty

    Punk asses….u can’t be a real nicca, start a fight, then not finish it. I knew all these rappers were pu$$*, And there goes gay jeezy fight rick ross, i wish rick ross seats on him and crushes him


    Flexy Reply:

    @misty, Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
    Oh Boy !


    tgod Reply:

    @misty, jeezy is a beast. He beat rick Ross down.


    philly11 Reply:

    @misty, GROW UP! It’s a shame that a close friend had to die just for this to happen. Respect to Joe & Fif


    fuck feelings. Reply:

    @misty, OMG! LOL YOU ARE TOO CHILDISH! SMH this beef has gone on long enough damn 04-05 so good that they can be grown ass man and do they thing… If you’re still looking for beef in 2012 you have issues!


  3. JussSAYING



  4. K dwon to the R up to the C up town Boyiee

    nice of all of them


  5. boom boom

    @misty, hoe have a several seats _/ _/ _/
    your mentality gets childish as it gets, that’s why black people always get discriminated, because of people like your ragidy ass.

    Hip-Hop community needs to have unity.



    this is gud hope to see a collab between them


  7. saio

    now we need to see 50 & game get there beef squashed


  8. deeJay

    Missy is my girl, well I guest we won’t get to see the tribute since the show was suspended. Those fools had to miss something up. Oh Well!!


  9. Letícia Conceição

    THIS IS 50 ♥♥♥


  10. RED

    FINALLY!!!! 50 can sqaush his other beefs (ja and game) the hip-hop comminuity needs to unite coz looking at its current state we black folks are killing something we work so hard to build and expand for over 40 YEARS just to see it flushed away in the blink of an eye.
    #RESPECT to Fifty and Joe on this move


  11. Imu

    That how we do in NY. remember Hov and NAS.


  12. Bush

    The beef is over just let it go now is Ross turn to peace it out with 50 and jeezy


  13. Sivuyile

    I dnt thnk is a good idea that Fat joe must do a collaboration with 50cent becouse 50cent is nobody..i say dnt do it fatjoe


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