Alicia Keys Performs ‘New Day’ on ‘Alan Carr: Chatty Man’

Alicia Keys

While promoting her upcoming album Girl on Fire in the U.K., Alicia Keys paid a visit to British chat show “Alan Carr: Chatty Man.” The New York native set the weekend off right with a performance of her infectious anthem “New Day,” getting up from the piano to dance as audience members followed her lead. Put your hands in the air and rock with Alicia.

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  1. georgia23

    Alright Alicia… you better get your sexy on. lol She should’ve dropped this as a single.


  2. aliciasahomewrecka

    her fan base has depleted. that’s why her music isn’t doing well. It’s all been done before. People are not going to buy an album if it’s similar to her previous album.

    Besides doesn’t she have a family to take care of. Find another avenue cause the singing career is over. Her and Beyonce are old news. Old hags trying to stay cool. Your time is up and people are over it. Time to bring in new talent.


    GirlOnFire Reply:

    @aliciasahomewrecka, Yet The Element of Freedom still went platinum in the US and 4 also went platinum in the US and sold more than 2 million copies WW without a single hit. People are still interested in them otherwise they wouldn’t even be selling albums. They would be a pathetic Brandy case. Watch Girl On Fire debut in the top 3 maybe even #1 because she be stepping that promo up. Do not underestimate Alicia.


    Karen Reply:

    @aliciasahomewrecka, NOT! You are so hilarious. You just keep wanting her to fail and she just keeps getting better and better, if that is or was even possible. No matter how hard you wish it wasn’t true, Alicia is ALWAYS going to have a huge fan base and be successsful in whatever she chooses to do. I think we all know Alicia has a family and I think most of them except the little angel she has with her most of the time, can take care of themselves. As for someones time being up, you time is way over. Alicia is not going anywhere because of poeple like you. Big hearty laugh.


  3. Carl

    Negativity is a form of mental slavery!

    Alicia Keys has always been free to be a true musician and artist that can connect to millions around the world thru her music.

    Alicia is a confident artist and I love all her music. She has always been a “Girl on Fire”.


  4. deeJay

    I love the UK, so beautiful, and I love this fool (Alan Carr) show.


  5. FACTS

    Alicia feeling like she’s Bey and Mary J on that stage…

    I like it… It should have been her first single…

    Instead of that ear piercing, voice cracking Girl off Note…

    This suits her range… and this is where she’s most comfortable at with her vocals…


  6. TRUE SHIT...

    I must say I see why Swizz married her…

    She can ride a pipe… her moves on that stage she’s me that…

    Moving her hips and shit… Yeah, Alicia can ride some pipe…


  7. Fa

    from day one she tried to be someone and kept repeating her formula!
    Now she sounds like Rihanna,
    repettive ey ey oOOohhh
    hayyyy haayyyy
    its a newww dayyy
    No darling , you will never be a female Stevie Wonder!
    and loosing weight does kot make you hot! Just calm down!


  8. ok ok ok

    Alicia keys is a true musician and singer / most of the new comers are funny singers they can t sing they cant write a song or play an instrument they re just poor asses/ they re not gifted / they don t deserve attention / Waterheads should WAKE UP


  9. Joe

    DAMN! Alicia is just sexy, talented and lovely.

    She is a diverse musician who write, compose and plays instruments. She produces movies, plays and has directed. She isn’t just one thing, she is well-rounded human being.


  10. K dwon to the R up to the C up town Boyiee

    Ain’t This song is Kinda OF Old didn’t it came out a Month ago or so


  11. Karen

    @annoying, No, losing weight does not make Alicia hot, lol, she’s always been hot and continues to be hot. And, from day one Alicia has been Alicia. She’s not trying to be anyone else and she doesn’t have to. As for this song, it is so good and I agree with some of the other commenters, she should have released this song first. It is such a high energy, positive song, kind of like Alicia. More power to her. She just keeps getting better and deserves all the blessings she’s getting.


  12. tell'em

    This should’ve been her single here. I got mad when they pulled this version from the radio for 50cents’. -_-


  13. Sam937

    50 Cents stole the song with Alicia’s voice on it from her. She initially recorded to go on Dr. Dre album. When Dr. Dre didn’t use it 50 cents stole it for his album without informing her.

    Alicia’s song is way better than the one with 50 cents verses.


  14. RReturns

    Alicia is here working like a dog cos she doesn’t sell in the US, her fan base thought she was a wholesome girl until she jumped into bed with a married man.



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