New Music: Honey Cocaine – ‘Hypnotize’


Honey Cocaine has come up on the mixtape circuit with her free projects F**k Yo Feelings, Vol. 1 and 90’s Gold. Now Tyga’s Last Kings signee demands your respect with her debut single “Hypnotize.”

“I’m just a golden goddess, I know you suckers want it,” raps the Toronto native, who will tour with Kreayshawn and Rye Rye starting in November.

Are you feeling Honey’s hypnotizing sound? Share your thoughts below.

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  1. Pereezy YMCMB MMG

    This b**ch ho Hard!
    Great Job, Weezy Should Sign her to YM
    Anyway Last Kings in This


    Michael Reply:

    @Pereezy YMCMB MMG, Are you signed by Cash Money Records/Young Money or something?


    MinajRules2012 Reply:

    @Pereezy YMCMB MMG, This ho betta SIT!!!!!! She gonna FLOP just like Kreyashawn…ya’ll saw those 3,000 albums she sold her first week? Lmao!!!!


    Roman Empire Reply:

    @Pereezy YMCMB MMG, Check yourself hoe. This bitch would do best to stick to what she’s good at..laying on her back and bussin it open for tyga (+friends) on tour.


  2. Miles

    to sloppy for a single. sounds like a throw away track


  3. Aaron

    Worst thing ever


  4. Mentamir

    Well, whoever made the beat, I dig that. Honey Cocaine’s rhymes, however… Can’t support it.


  5. mumi

    Oh god, that’s so bad. It sounds like she’s just falling asleep. With the high voice going deeper every fucking line!


  6. Nataliana

    this bish is sooo damn wack!
    shes garbage!


  7. VMili

    i think the song was originally too short to be a single so they just slowed it down and this was the result


    K dwon to the R up to the C up town Boyiee Reply:

    @VMili, True That


  8. K dwon to the R up to the C up town Boyiee

    it Alright


  9. Monroe

    omg she a hot damn mess for real the best go hard but why would Tyga sign this hoe smfh this is not rap smfh


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